The Zero Theorem Deduces An Official International Trailer

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Any time Terry Gilliam makes a movie is a notable event for us, science fiction or not. Even when he’s working outside the genre, he manages to infuse all of his films with a sense of magic, wonder, and fantasy. His latest film, The Zero Theorem, has gathered mixed reviews, but we’re still excited to see it, especially after watching this latest official international trailer. If it feels like this movie has been coming and coming forever, you’re not wrong. After premiering at the Venice Film Festival, we’ve seen stills and trailers and clips and all kinds of promos, but there’s still no word on a U.S. release date.

In The Zero Theorem, Christoph Waltz plays a strange, reclusive computer genius, Qohen Leth, who is having something of an existential crisis—he feels nothing, no joy, no anything. When he is given a high priority new project aimed at proving the meaning of life, or more precisely, to discover that life is totally meaningless and it all amounts to nothing, he starts to come unraveled. Into all of this comes a mysterious and alluring woman, Bainsley (Melanie Thierry), and he falls into a rabbit hole of love and desire and may just find out that there is a reason for everything after all.