• Established: September 24, 1992
  • Owner: NBCUniversal
  • Status: Active

Syfy has been a fan-favorite channel for decades with plenty of series to its name.

Latest Syfy News

12 monkeys

12 Monkeys Producers Promise Their Show Is More Than A Rehash Of Terry Gilliam’s Film

Adapting a feature length movie into a continuing television series is a tricky proposition, and many of us are curious …

10 years ago


Syfy Reveals Brief Glimpse At 12 Monkeys Series In New Trailer

We’ve talked a lot about how Syfy seems to making a serious effort to turn itself around and become a …

10 years ago


Ascension’s Crew Grows By Three For Syfy’s Space Opera Miniseries

A barely noticeable eye twitch begins every time I speak positively about an upcoming Syfy project, and their upcoming miniseries …

10 years ago


Syfy’s About-Face: Nine Shows That Might Help The Network Redeem Itself

Less Syfy, more sci-fi? We hope so.

10 years ago


Syfy’s Ascension Gets A Clever First Trailer

Your browser does not support iframes.As soon as it was announced, Syfy’s space opera miniseries Ascension became one of our …

10 years ago

Town Of The Living Dead Comedic Docuseries Greenlit By Syfy

When filmmaker George Romero directed Night of the Living Dead over 40 years ago, there’s no way he could have …

10 years ago


Robert Kirkman Developing Clone Series For Syfy

This just in: Syfy is now making ALL THE SHOWS. Seriously, it’s like they’re trying to make up for lost …

10 years ago

tricia helfer
pax romana

Action Comic Pax Romana And Space Adventure Killjoys Come To Syfy

Try to come up with the best idea imaginable for a TV show. Got it? Too bad, because there’s a …

10 years ago

letter 44

Spacey Political Comic Letter 44 Gets Series Development At Syfy

With seemingly little disregard for a potential overload, Syfy has been busy the last couple of months attempting to rebuild …

10 years ago

Syfy Picks Up French Anthology Series Metal Hurlant Chronicles

With the advent of season-long anthology series like American Horror Story and True Detective, not to mention the slew of …

10 years ago

jeri ryan helix

Helix Post-Game: Star Trek’s Jeri Ryan Makes This Clusterfrost Even Crazier

Like a prince arriving to wake a cursed girl using only his kisses, Star Trek: Voyager‘s Jeri Ryan and her …

10 years ago


DMZ’s Military Dystopia Comes To Syfy Courtesy Of Gravity And Mad Men Producers

A few weeks ago, Bill McGoldrick, Syfy‘s V.P. of original programming, stated his intention to turn the network into something …

10 years ago

Syfy Exec Says He Wants Top-Notch Scripted Shows

Syfy has been an easy punchline for a while now. Before the dark times, before the name change, they used …

10 years ago


Helix Post-Game: The Tense Mystery Outweighs Frequent Stereotypes

How good is Ron Moore’s new Syfy series?

10 years ago

Helix’s Season One Trailer Isn’t As Infectious As Its Central Threat

Here’s what troubles me about Syfy’s upcoming thriller Helix: it looks like a better-than-average Syfy Original movie. I know in …

10 years ago

noah bean

12 Monkeys Syfy TV Series Adds New Cast Members

Sure, we’d all the like the chance to be able to go back in time and stop Syfy from ever …

10 years ago


Farscape’s Gigi Edgley Hosting Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge

Last month, Syfy unveiled their Face Off not-quite-spinoff Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge to the world, letting thousands of puppeteers …

10 years ago


Blake’s 7: Whatever Happened To That Reboot Series, Anyway?

When word first broke that Casino Royale director Martin Campbell was putting together a reboot of the British cult sci-fi …

10 years ago

alien hunter

Gale Anne Hurd Bringing Whitley Strieber’s Alien Hunter To Syfy

While producer Gale Anne Hurd may not always be involved with sci-fi projects, the ones she does sign up for …

10 years ago

Helix Pictures May Lead To X-Files Flashbacks

After the acclaimed run and controversial ending of Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica, showrunner Ronald D. Moore followed things up with several …

10 years ago

Bryan Singer And Syfy Team Up To Develop A Creature Feature Series

Despite the fact that Pacific Rim’s domestic box office take was significantly less massive than the studios had initially hoped, …

10 years ago

redneck gators

Syfy’s Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators Trailer Makes Sharknado Look Impressive

I know that there is no real reason for me to be writing a story about Syfy’s next cinematic abomination, …

11 years ago

Sharknado Debunked By Weather Experts. Wait, What?

Even if you had no idea that it was a Syfy Original Movie, the film Sharknado doesn’t exactly have a …

11 years ago


Sharknado Ratings Sag Despite Twitter Hype, Getting Sequel Anyway

When the Syfy network aired the mind-numbingly original film Sharknado last Thursday night, it became something of a phenomenon. Not …

11 years ago

flying shark

The Sharknado Trailer: Because Raining Cats And Dogs Isn’t Bloody Enough

It’s amazing that with legitimate sci-fi shows like Defiance and the upcoming Ron Moore series Helix, Syfy still hasn’t figured …

11 years ago

Ringworld And Childhood’s End Miniseries Coming To Syfy

With a name like the Sci-Fi Channel — even after they transmogrified it into the aggressively stupid “Syfy” — you’d …

11 years ago


Defiance Debuts To Syfy’s Biggest Ratings In Years

When a company pours $100 million into a project, it’s a fair assumption that they want that money back, and …

11 years ago


Ron Moore’s Syfy Series Helix Gets Ambiguous Teaser Trailer

Beyond his Virtuality pilot/movie that went nowhere, there hasn’t been a lot of Ron D. Moore for sci-fi fans to …

11 years ago

Syfy Options A Slew Of New Sci-Fi Series

Even though Syfy’s original movies are more creature features than actual science fiction, and their reality shows are almost all …

11 years ago