Doctor Who Storyboards From ‘Into The Dalek’ And ‘Robot Of Sherwood’

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HappyClaraThe Doctor has been fighting the Daleks in one form or another for hundreds of years (or 50, depending on your point of view). No matter how many times he smacks them down or tosses a wrench into their evil schemes, they just keep coming back. In the recent Doctor Who episode “Into the Dalek,” however, the Doctor wasn’t trying to destroy the Daleks — he was trying to save them. The Doctor and Clara pulled a Fantastic Voyage and had themselves shrunk down so they could literally live out the episode’s title, clambering about inside a defective Dalek’s inner workings to try and figure out why it had suddenly decided life was sacred. It was a fun, clever ep with some great lines (“Top layer if you’d like to say a few words”), and now you can dig a little deeper into “Into the Dalek” courtesy of some rather awesome storyboards.