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boba fett

Boba Fett Miniseries Reportedly Starts Shooting Next Week

A Boba Fett miniseries is supposed to begin filming as soon as next week.

4 years ago

solo 2

Is Solo 2 Actually Happening?

Is Solo 2 going to get made? Director Ron Howard has some inspiring words.

4 years ago

star wars holiday special

Watch The New Star Wars Holiday Special Trailer

A new Star Wars Holiday Special is upon us!

4 years ago

the mandalorian season 2

The Mandalorian’s Secret Cameo From The Original Star Wars

The Mandalorian brought back a character from the first Star Wars. Did you spot them?

4 years ago

Star Wars Darth Vader

Star Wars Just Revealed Its Newest Major Villains

Star Wars has just unveiled three of their new villains from their upcoming Star Wars: The High Republic series of books.

4 years ago

boba fett sarlacc

How Boba Fett Survived The Sarlacc

Boba Fett survived the sarlacc, and here’s how he must have done it.

4 years ago

star wars podracer

Is Cobb Vanth’s Speeder In The Mandalorian Made Out Of Anakin’s Podracer?

Did Anakin’s podracer just make a cameo in The Mandalorian?

4 years ago

the mandalorian

The Mandalorian Just Resurrected An Infamous, Classic Star Wars Character

The Mandalorian has just brought back one of the most popular characters in all of Star Wars.

4 years ago

The Mandalorian video game

The Mandalorian Season 2 Premiere Review: A Big Reveal Creates A Risky Future

The Mandalorian is back and still great, but is it headed for troubled terrain?

4 years ago

tom holland

Tom Holland’s Going To Be A Jedi?

Tom Holland has plenty of superpower work under his belt. The guy has taken the iconic Spider-Man character to new web-slinging heights

4 years ago

john boyega star wars feature

John Boyega Will Only Do More Star Wars If He Can Do It In His Underwear

john Boyega would be willing to return as Finn in Star Wars but only in one specific way.

4 years ago

Liam Neeson Star Wars

Liam Neeson On Returning To Star Wars?

In a recent interview, Liam Neeson discusses whether or not he’s been approached to revive his Star Wars character, Qui-Gon Jinn.

4 years ago

darth vader feature

Darth Vader TV Series Happening?

Darth Vader could be headed to the small screen.

4 years ago

rosario dawson

Rosario Dawson Getting Her Own Star Wars Movie?

Is Rosario Dawson going to headline her own Star Wars movie as this character?

4 years ago

Star Wars Rey

Rey Almost Had This Terrible Alternate Name In Star Wars

A new book reveals that Daisy Ridley’s Rey almost had this insanely terrible name in the latest Star Wars trilogy series.

4 years ago

Kelly Marie Tran Star Wars

Kelly Marie Tran Returning To Star Wars As Rose Tico

Kelly Marie Tran has been announced to appear in another Star Wars project as Rose Tico.

4 years ago

robert downey jr star wars lightsaber feature

Robert Downey Jr. To Join The Star Wars Universe?

Robert Downey Jr. could be headed to a galaxy far, far away…

4 years ago

Gina Carano Cara Dune

Gina Carano’s Cara Dune Getting A Star Wars Spinoff Series?

For former MMA fighter and now actress, Gina Carano, the timing couldn’t be any better.

4 years ago

Dwayne Johnson To Save Star Wars Next

Dwayne Johnson hasn’t been shy about his love for the Star Wars franchise.

4 years ago

star wars: the high republic feature

Star Wars: The High Republic – What Is It Anyway?

Star Wars: The High Republic promises to show fans an era of the Jedi they’ve never seen before.

4 years ago

Alan Tudyk: Why You Haven’t Seen Him Recently

Alan Tudyk has been around the block a time or two as an actor.

4 years ago

The Mandalorian Season 2 poster feature

The Mandalorian Season 2 Gets An Incredible New Poster

The Mandalorian has a pretty poster for us to gawk at while we wait for season 2.

4 years ago

Pedro Pascal Sticking With The Mandalorian, Unlikely To Quit As Rumored

Recently, there have been quite a few rumors that The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal was quitting the Disney+ series

4 years ago

Alden Ehrenreich star wars han solo feature

Alden Ehrenreich Returning As Han Solo In Multiple Star Wars Shows?

Alden Ehrenreich could be headed back to a galaxy far, far away.

4 years ago

First Look At Rosario Dawson As Ahsoka Tano On The Mandalorian

See the very first official look at Rosario Dawson as fan-favorite Jedi Ahsoka Tano.

4 years ago

mandalorian season 2 mando feature pedro pascal

Pedro Pascal Reportedly Wants The Mandalorian To Ditch His Helmet

The Pedro Pascal rumors surrounding The Mandalorian continue to fly.

4 years ago

mark hamill patrick stewart feature

Mark Hamill Proves He Understands Star Trek Better Than Patrick Stewart

Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart talk about their respective franchises, and Hamill makes some great points.

4 years ago

pedro pascal mandalorian feature

Is Pedro Pascal Really Quitting The Mandalorian?

Rumors have been flying about Pedro Pascal and his possibility of leaving The Mandalorian. We might know the true story now.

4 years ago

boba fett feature

Boba Fett Is In The Mandalorian Season 2?

It sounds like Boba Fett is going to pop up in The Mandalorian! Here’s the scoop.

4 years ago

mandalorian movie feature

Mandalorian Movie In The Works, Will Feature Iconic Star Wars Villain

A Mandalorian movie could potentially be in the works if one rumor is to be believed. The success of the …

4 years ago