Star Wars: Episode VII Rumored To Be Using Expanded Universe As Inspiration

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Star Wars EUWhen it was revealed that screenwriters J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan were trying to work the Star Wars Expanded Universe into Episode VII, the possibilities were endless. According to StarWars7News.com, Abrams and Kasdan are using some of the EU characters as inspiration for the characters in Episode VII. However, they will likely be modified to fit within what they’re trying to do with the new trilogy. SW7N writes:

Right now they’re looking at using the basic descriptions of EU characters with different names. Luke’s wife will follow the same template as Shira Brie/Mara Jade. Red hair, Green eyes, attitude etc.

The same with the kids of the big three. […] Jaina will be the inspiration for the Solo daughter, Jacen for the Solo son and Ben for the Skywalker son. Most of the new characters in the new continuity are based on characters from the old continuity. Fans should not expect to see Kyle Katarn, Corran Horn or Cilghal, but characters who are very much like them.