Cross The Streams With Unidentified, Fantastic Voyage, Mimic, And Godzilla

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Yesterday was the biggest day of the year for Star Wars fans, and yet still none of George Lucas‘ most classic films (nor his less classic) have made their way to streaming services. At least so far. So you’ll have to settle for one of the many other options hitting the Internet this week. There’s a damned good chance you’ll have seen some of these before, since this week’s streaming picks are a well-known melting pot of comedy, horror, and whatever Mimic is. But just like getting second-hand underwear for Christmas, it doesn’t have to be new to be useful.

Here’s what’s new in streaming science fiction!

unidentifiedUnidentified (Netflix Instant)
What better way to start your week than with a haphazard low-budget thriller? Okay, so there are plenty of better ways to spend your time, but not all of them will involve four friends whose quasi-innocent trip to Las Vegas ends up turning into an otherworldly chase after the guys get in trouble for not being able to pay a loan shark back. It’s the kind of movie where you hope the monstrous presence and the dickhead loan shark win.