Students Vs. Software—Who Writes A Better Paper?

student-anxious-libraryI get 6-10 email messages each day from my students. They’re often silly questions that even a detail-oriented professor doesn’t care about (“do I put the title of my paper before the abstract or after?”). Sometimes they ask really good questions, and other times they send me messages to tell me about some new technology or scientific discovery they read about. Yesterday, I got a message from a student saying, “hey, aren’t you glad we already turned in our final research papers so we can’t use this program that claims to be able to write a college-level paper in less than a second?”

Well, let me grade the paper you did turn in first, and then I’ll answer the question.

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Customizable Modular Interface Provides Hands-On Control For Any Software

PaletteI’m a sucker for cool-looking technology, but I’ll be the first to admit that some of these awesome gizmos are easy on the eyes, but not so easy to use. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Palette, a modular, modifiable hardware interface that can control any software.

The idea behind Palette is so simple and utilitarian that it took me a few minutes to understand what it’s actually for, which is pretty much anything you want. The actual hardware is an arrangement of customizable physical inputs—dials, buttons, and sliders. They’re all modular and either square or rectangle-shaped, so they fit together much like Legos.

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