New Exosuit Opens New Depths To Deep Sea Divers

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Anyone who has ever gone SCUBA diving knows that the deeper one goes, the more complications could potentially arise. Equalizing to the pressure becomes more difficult, the temperature plummets, and the rise back to the surface must be undertaken slowly and with caution. Even the deepest sea divers don’t exceed a depth of 1,000 feet (and even if they did, being able to actually function down there would be another story), and people like me with a basic open-water diving certification are technically only supposed to dive about 60 feet below the surface. The new Exosuit is poised to change that.

Well, it won’t change my depth limit, sadly, but it will likely change the depths at which real deep-sea divers can function. The Exosuit is more than just a suit — it’s an “atmospheric diving system,” which makes it sound more Jacques Cousteau and less Wall Street. It was designed by Nuytco Research, an undersea technology developer in North Vancouver. Nuytco’s best known devices are the 2000-foot microsubmersibles, which are single- and double-pilot submarines used for surveying, construction, and deep-sea photography. Basically, they’re undersea pod racers.