What If Ridley Scott Directed A Star Wars Movie?

Over the last month and a half, the entire Internet has been overrun with news about Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, and the newly announced Star Wars movies. And when it wasn’t speculation about who would be involved, it’s been a barrage of good and bad Star Wars/Disney Internet memes. It’s kind of refreshing to find a Star Wars video that has nothing to do with Disney. Like this video, which posits the idea of Ridley Scott directing a Star Wars movie. The result is an Alien/Star Wars crossover that really makes you wish Star Wars was this dark and haunting.

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Ridley Scott’s Forever War Adaptation Hires A New Writer

Much was made of Ridley Scott’s return to big-screen science fiction with this past summer’s Prometheus, and while that film disappointed many, I still believe Ridley has another truly epic SF movie in him, if given the right script. Many of Prometheus’ problems originated in the script, both the Lindelof version and the earlier Alien: Engineers draft by Jon Spaihts. Another promising project on the horizon for Scott is an adaptation of Joe Haldeman’s Hugo- and Nebula-winning The Forever War, and now the project has hired writer D.W. Harper to pen another draft of the script.

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Prometheus Reveals The Space Jockey’s Space Suit

We still don’t know much about Ridley Scott’s upcoming film Prometheus.  While Scott himself has said that his next film(s) would be set 30 years before Alien and explore the origins of its creatures, everyone involved with Prometheus has been trying to work against this notion lately.

Scott himself has said that Prometheus simply contains “strands of Alien‘s DNA” and, in another recent interview even writer Damon Lindelof states that what the two films share is merely “that the universe in which each takes place shares a similar aesthetic”.  Fans and speculators are still not convinced, though, in part because every photo and trailer that is released seems to draw the new film and the decades-old franchise even closer together.  Take a look at a new photo from Prometheus that was included alongside The Hero Complex‘s interview with Lindelof: