WonderCon 2012: Live-Blogging the Prometheus Panel

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This morning we brought you the new trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. If the film is anywhere near as wonderful as the bits and pieces we’ve seen so far, it will have been well worth the decades-long wait since Scott’s last foray into the Alien universe. Scott and company continue their marketing at this weekend’s WonderCon, where Scott, writer Damon Lindelof, and a couple of the film’s stars are on hand to show some footage and chat about the film.

Read along as we liveblog the footage and panel!

1:54: Damon Lindelof greets the audience to discuss his childhood love of (and traumatization by) Alien, before bringing out Sir Ridley Scott to chat about the film.

1:55: Scott hasn’t done much with science fiction recently because he just hasn’t come across anything terribly interesting in the genre. He teases the idea that there could be a follow-up to Prometheus, as it leaves a lot of big questions open.


Prometheus Lands In New IMAX Trailer For The Alien Prequel

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Prometheus continues its marketing winning streak in an all new teaser for the film, touting its availability in IMAX 3D. Everything about this movie looks brilliant. This is the must see movie of the year, without a doubt. And in this new trailer we get a closer look at Noomi Rapace’s role in the film and in the process form even more connections to the original Alien film.

Remember that shot of Ripley running around in her underwear? You’ll see Noomi Rapace doing something similar in this teaser. Take a look…


New Prometheus Trailer Teaser Keeps The Mystery Box Closed But The Wonder High

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For most of us, there’s a glorious 15-20 minutes before a feature film starts that often has us more exhilarated than the actual film we’re trading our first born to see… the trailers. As soon as that big green “this preview has been approved for all audiences” screen appears, you’re as rapt as you’re going to be for the duration of your experience. Great movies made even greater, or trash polished enough to trick into spending your money on it, we all love the trailers, and we love them even more when the anticipation for the film is already at its height.

And what higher anticipation is there than for Ridley Scott’s triumphant return to sci-fi, Prometheus? There is none, for me at least. This is my golden egg, so any tidbits they feel like releasing and I’m instantly back in that theater seat before a green screen, in awe of what’s going to come next. The marketing department seems to understand that too, which is why they’ve released a trailer for their trailer. You read that right. Following is the teaser for the upcoming theatrical trailer for Prometheus. Enjoy a slight but exciting glimpse back into the world of Alien


Incredible New Prometheus Image

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The marketing campaign for Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien prequel Prometheus has done a brilliant job of simultaneously making this look like the must see movie of the year, and telling us almost nothing about the plot. All we really know is that people are in space and something horrible happens. Along the way, there will be stunning cinematography.

Stunning cinematography just like this…


Watch Prometheus’ Corporate Stooge Promise To Change The World

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Lurking somewhere in the background of the Alien franchise is the far too often overlooked idea that humanity, not the murderous xenomorphs, are the real villains. That nefarious nature is usually represented by the Weyland-Yutani corporation, embodied in Aliens by Paul Reiser as their corporate stooge.

The upcoming Alien prequel Prometheus will continue that theme. Ridley Scott has just revealed that Guy Pearce will play the obligatory corporate stooge in the film. In fact he’s not just any corporate stooge, but Peter Weyland himself.

But you won’t have to wait for the release of Prometheus to find out who Peter Weyland is. Thanks to TED we now have a look at a speech given by Weyland… in the future. The following video comes from a TED Talk in the year 2023 in which Weyland recounts the story that inspired the title of Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie, invokes Lawrence of Arabia and promises that if you indulge him… he’d like to change the world. Watch…


International Prometheus Poster Gives Great Head

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If there’s been one defining image from the Prometheus marketing, aside from Ridley Scott hemming and hawing about whether it’s connected to Alien, it’s been that big giant head. We don’t know what it means, or whose noggin it’s supposed to be, but there’s no question that it plays a significant role in Scott’s upcoming return to big-screen science fiction. Now the international poster for Prometheus has made its way online, and guess what is prominently featured? You betcha: