Let Walt Whitman Inspire You To Explore Space With Poetry And Dubstep

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The thing everyone has been waiting for has finally happened; someone finally put a Walt Whitman poem to dubstep. Only the internet could give us such an odd but awesome combination. That’s not to say that the dubstep part really adds anything to the inspiring poem or the video, but (surprisingly enough) it doesn’t subtract from it either. The poem is Whitman’s “Pioneers! O pioneers!” and the video turns it into a call for space exploration.

Walt Whitman was a poet living in Civil War era America, so the original intent of his poem had nothing to do with space exploration but was instead an ode to westward expansion in the United States. That’s not to say that he probably wouldn’t have felt the same way about mankind’s exploration of space. After all, in the 1800’s the American west and the gold rush were that century’s space race. Either way, it is a gripping call for mankind to get out, explore the boundaries of our civilization and expand our knowledge of the universe.