Battleship Director And Star Reunite For A Commercial That’s Better Than Battleship

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It’s safe to say that one of the higher profile collaborations we saw between director Peter Berg and actor Taylor Kitsch wasn’t exactly a rousing success. While the two found success with Friday Night Lights and Lone Survivor, the 2012 flop Battleship was a film which proved that not only was a movie based on the board game a bad idea, it was a far worse idea than any of us could have anticipated. Neither audiences nor critics were impressed by Berg’s Transformers wannabe — and has there ever been a more depressing descriptor? But as it happens, they’ve joined forces again for a live-action Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer that’s dripping with sci-fi trappings and loads more fun than anything in Battleship. (A low bar, granted, but still.) Check it out.