New Video For AGM Heartland, Neill Blomkamp’s Secret Project

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Director Neill Blomkamp had a small, sci-fi alien mutation project with the code name “AGM Heartland” in the works, before he started working on his upcoming film Elysium. There had not been any activity with the project since 2010, when a viral video was featured in the iPad Edition of Wired Magazine. A second video from AGM Heartland has now popped up simply title “Marvin.” Watch…

The two-minute video was made with an iPhone and uploaded to YouTube about a month ago after San Diego Comic Con. It shows two friends talking about their night when they come across a disgusting, gooey hodgepodge creature. The video also features actor Josh Blacker as the truck driver. Blacker is a sci-fi genre regular that was featured in the TV series V and SGU: Stargate Universe. He will also appear in Blomkamp’s Elysium next spring.