Creature Feature The Expedition Scares Up Teaser Images And A Viral Website

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the expedition posterPack up your supplies, because we’re going on an indie movie monster hunting trip deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Or at least one monster. Or maybe it’s hunting us. Yeah, it’s probably hunting us. Director Adam Spinks’ upcoming thriller The Expedition has just unleashed a new teaser poster, along with numerous production stills. And while none of them feature any giant monsters, I’m still interested in taking the journey.

A research team, led by a respected professor (Ben Loyd-Holmes, who co-wrote the script with Spinks), goes out on the titular expedition into the Amazon to study endangered species. Once the group experiences a series of strange events, the guides get spooked and abandon the rest of the team, who are then forced to decide whether they want to turn tail and run or stay and finish what they started. This is of course when the monster comes out. Should’ve run when you had the chance. It’s worth noting here that the film’s press statement calls the enemy an “apex predator,” which sounds pretty badass for what may very well end up being a CGI pterodactyl or something.