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There are some cool and crazy questions that come out of the major comic book franchises. We’ll dive into those here.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Is In The Best Possible Hands

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might be most famous for their eponymous ’80s cartoon, but the heroes in a half …

6 months ago

vincent d'onofrio kingpin

Everyone Agrees Vincent D’Onofrio Should Be Marvel’s Big Bad

There’s no doubt that Marvel has had a hard time rediscovering itself after Endgame wrapped up everything the studio had …

6 months ago

Ryan Reynolds Releases Hugh Jackman Deadpool 3 Tease

Not all heroes wear capes, some just post exciting photos to their social media pages. Keeping up with the tradition …

6 months ago

Bob Iger Daredevil

Daredevil: Born Again Falling Apart Saved Netflix Marvel Shows

With Marvel going into a more adult age of programming – as far as its Disney+ series content is concerned …

6 months ago

Marvel Star Kills Any Hopes Of Season 2

Tatiana Maslany says it’s unlikely that the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will get a second season. When asked about the …

6 months ago

jon bernthal spider-man 4

Jon Bernthal Is Back As The Punisher

Disney has finally decided to punish evil again. The company recently announced that the Netflix Marvel shows are officially canon …

6 months ago

Star Wars Completely Ripping Off Marvel Series Idea?

Could the multiverse be heading to Star Wars? While Marvel’s journeys into the multiverse have been met with mixed reception, …

6 months ago

Jonathan Majors Loses Even More After Conviction, It’s All Unraveling

Had you said the name “Jonathan Majors” around this time last year, the response would be much different than it …

6 months ago

Daredevil Netflix Characters Returning To The MCU

When Daredevil: Born Again was first announced, it was already a disappointment to many fans because of reports that the …

6 months ago

How The Marvel Multiverse Doomed The MCU

Now that The Marvels has become the lowest-grossing film in the entirety of the MCU and nobody really cares about …

6 months ago

Marvel Needs To Bring Back One Very Special Discarded Actor

Given how current Marvel movies like Quantumania and The Marvels have turned into complete flops, many fans have suggested that …

6 months ago

Star Wars Rey sad

Star Wars And Marvel Can’t Compete With The Biggest Media Franchise Ever

When it comes to box office ticket sales, mega franchises like Star Wars and Marvel are some of the biggest …

6 months ago

pedro pascal

Pedro Pascal Leaves Weapons Movie From Barbarian Director, Marvel Is To Blame?

Being zaddy is tough – just ask Pedro Pascal. While we loved his run on Game of Thrones and Narcos, …

6 months ago

Madame Web Suit Fully Revealed In The Funniest Way Possible

The Sony Spider-Man Villainverse has a long and storied history of being unorthodox. For starters, the franchise has continued to …

6 months ago

hugh jackman wolverine

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Mask in Deadpool 3 Finally Revealed?

When the first X-Men movie came out, it was a real treat seeing Wolverine and our other favorite mutants on …

6 months ago

Echo Makes Marvel History For The Worst Reason

The newest edition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Echo, is making history. However, some reasons for the memorable impact aren’t …

6 months ago

sydney sweeney

Sydney Sweeney Stuns In Spider-Women Poster For Madame Web

Sydney Sweeney is kicking off the year right as the up-and-coming star’s latest feature, Anyone But You, is heating up …

6 months ago


Another Sign Marvel’s Echo Is Going To Flop With Fans

Marvel’s street-level, MA-rated series Echo will release five binge-worthy episodes on January 9 at 9 pm ET. However, the absence of critic …

6 months ago

captain america wings

Captain America: Brave New World Drops Huge Reveal Fans Have Been Waiting For

Word has it that a new LEGO set will be dropping ahead of Captain America: Brave New World‘s February 2025 …

6 months ago

Saorise ronan

Saorise Ronan Turned Down Marvel Hero Role And Made The Right Decision

It turns out that The Acuser wasn’t the only Ronan Kevin Feigie had in mind for the MCU. New reports …

6 months ago

steven yeun marvel

Steven Yeun Reveals Why He Left Marvel And Bailed On Thunderbolts

The recent news that Steven Yeun dropped out of the Marvel film Thunderbolts was very disappointing. While some people might …

6 months ago

Jonathan Majors Already Planning His Comeback?

After being found guilty of reckless assault and harassment by a Manhattan jury on December 18, 2023, Jonathan Majors is …

6 months ago

Patrick Stewart Rips Marvel MCU Movie And He’s Absolutely Right

It seems as though Patrick Stewart has joined the likes of Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, and Jodi Foster, by …

6 months ago

marvel eternals review

Marvel Confirms Canceled Eternals TV Series

Acclaimed screenwriter and director John Ridley shared a surprising revelation, disclosing the true nature of his long-scrapped Marvel project–it was Eternals. …

7 months ago

Marvel Actress Hit By Car, Serious Injuries Sustained

New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York City took a dark and shocking turn when Marvel actress and stuntwoman 29-year-old …

7 months ago

Michael Mann Only Likes One Marvel Movie

Famed director Michael Mann, the director behind hit action movies like Public Enemies and Collateral has revealed his opinion on …

7 months ago

The New Superman Is Doomed Before It Begins For One Unavoidable Reason

Despite what the Snyder bros will tell you, the DCEU has been an unmitigated failure, continually losing ground to the …

7 months ago

Disney’s 100th Anniversary Delivers All-Time Awful Year

In what was meant to be a time of celebration for a cartoon shop that flourished into one of the …

7 months ago

Magneto Being Held Back From Appearing In Upcoming Marvel Projects

It’s no secret that when it comes to combating so-called superhero fatigue, Marvel has an X up their sleeve. Even …

7 months ago

Replacing Kang With The X-Men As Villains Is The Way To Save Marvel

Now that Marvel and Jonathon Majors have parted ways, a lot of fans have been asking the question, “What’s next?” …

7 months ago