Five(ish) Sci-Fi Movies Roger Ebert Championed More Than He Should Have

roger ebertToday, over a year after his death, film critic extraordinaire Roger Ebert would have been 72 years old. Chances are, he would have had a few key points to make about how awesome Edge of Tomorrow is, and how terrible Pompeii and The Legend of Hercules are. Or maybe it would have been the other way around, as Ebert’s opinions were often as surprising as the twists in the films he wrote about. In honor of arguably the last great movie critic, we decided to take a look back at five of his more egregious sci-fi reviews, when he stood on the opposite end of popular opinion. It just goes to show us all that subjectivity is inherent to mankind, as is the need to scream “Bullshit!” when we disagree with someone.

Admittedly, most of these are modern sci-fi pics, as his thoughts on the classics are largely unchallenged. I mean, we could have taken a whole day just to rail on Ebert for shitting on some decent movies, such as Day of the Dead, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, and Sphere — and I’m fully aware that some of you will likely shit on me for thinking those movies are decent — but maybe we’ll save that for next year. Until then, may the Force blah blah blah.

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WTF? Ender’s Game Uses Footage From 2009’s Knowing In Its Latest Trailer

cage knowing

Let’s not fool ourselves here. The latest trailer for Gavin Hood’s Ender’s Game was pretty amazing, even though it spent far too much time focused on ships zipping around in space and not enough time dealing with the real human drama that the novel concerns itself with. What you may not have noticed is that the trailer isn’t just showing you footage from Ender’s Game, but also from director Alex Proyas’ polarizing 2009 sci-fi disaster flick Knowing. Wait, what? That has to be a joke, right. Nope. Thanks to a clever Reddit user with a good eye and a great memory, we now know that these two movies must have taken place within the same universe. Or maybe not. I personally like to think that Nicolas Cage is everpresent even in the movies he doesn’t star in.

Granted, the “stolen” bits only showed up for the briefest of moments near the beginning, and they’re visually distorted, but it’s still pretty damned strange. When we’re shown the Earthly damage done by the Buggers, the shots used include one of a vehicle fleeing an impending wall of dusty doom, as well as the Met Life building getting demolished. Both of these moments occur during the massive destruction sequence seen in Knowing. I’m not sure if the third shot of a fiery landscape was also cobbled from the Proyas film. It isn’t clear whether these shots are actually in Ender’s Game or not, but I’m guessing they aren’t, since everything else in this film seems to be ridiculously crisp CGI. Except for Harrison Ford’s face, of course.

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