This Is What Darth Vader Originally Sounded Like, It’s Weird

The word iconic is thrown around a little too liberally, but when it comes to Darth Vader, perhaps the greatest villain in all of film, that’s the most appropriate description we can come up with, nothing else fits. Everything about the Star Wars baddie is emblematic, from his sleek, black look all the way down to his lightsaber and the way he moves. And his voice, oh that voice. It’s damn near impossible to think of Vader and hear the deep, raspy rumble of James Earl Jones. His is one of the most recognizable vocal performances of all time, but it wasn’t always the case. Check out this video to hear what Darth Vader, the man with the most authoritative vocal chords in the whole galaxy, originally sounded like. It’s not what you expect.

When George Lucas was filming Star Wars, what Vader sounded like was still up in the air. For such an important character, hitting on just the right voice was both a necessity and a challenge, and one the production didn’t have a handle on right away. During shooting, David Prowse, the bodybuilder who wore the distinctive suit, was the one delivering the lines from the script and working with the other actors.

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Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher And James Earl Jones Only Met A Few Months Ago

Star WarsMost of us who have seen the original Star Wars trilogy probably assumed that most of the main actors associated with each other in at least a cursory manner, but at least two of the key players from 1977’s A New Hope had never met until just a few months ago. As it works out, it took and episode of CBS’ nerdy hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory to get Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones in the same room at the same time.

Fisher, as you probably know, plays Princess Leia Organa in the first three films, and will reprise her role in J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. Jones, on the other hand, lends his voice to the iconic villain of the franchise, Darth Vader, who also happens to be Leia’s secret father. Most of you are familiar with these movies, and while the two characters have scenes together throughout the franchise, Fisher and Jones never met. Darth Vader’s speaking voice is easily recognizable as Jones’, but the guy in that legendary black costume is bodybuilder David Prowse, or stuntman Bob Anderson during the those lightsaber battles. Jones and Fisher simply never had occasion to meet, that is until Big Bang came calling.

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Carrie Fisher Threatens James Earl Jones With A Bat In Tonight’s Big Bang Theory

DoorstepIn George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy, the rebels go at Darth Vader and his cronies in a variety of ways. There are full-frontal assaults, sneak attacks, they even send his secret son after him. One thing they never tried, however, was to take a baseball bat to him. That could have worked. That’s essentially what looks to be happening in this first photo from tonight’s episode of the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang theory, which reunites Princess Leia’s Carrie Fisher with the voice of Vader himself, James Earl Jones.

The premise of the episode is that the Big Bang gang, for the first time ever, is unable to procure tickets to Comic-Con. We’ve all been there. In a fit of bitterness, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) decides to hell with that noise and starts his own competing convention. When you tackle a project like that you need some star power to make people stand up and take notice, so Sheldon sets his sights on procuring Jones as a guest. This, as you probably imagined, leads to some mild shenanigans, and at some point, their crazy night involves winding up on Carrie Fisher’s doorstep.

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Big Bang Theory And Community Are Packed With Sci-Fi Cameos: Today In Science & Science Fiction

Tonight’s a big one for sci-fi-related cameos. On CBS’ Big Bang Theory, not one but two Star Wars celebs will be visiting the show’s geeky realm. Tonight’s episode, “The Convention Conundrum,” has Sheldon annoyed that he couldn’t get tickets to next summer’s Comic-Con. Rather than just pouting about it, he decides to create his own convention, and somehow both Princess Leia and the voice of Darth Vader get involved. James Earl Jones will be playing himself, with Sheldon approaching the actor at a restaurant and winding up having crazy night with him. Here’s a clip.

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Before Carrie Fisher Returns To Star Wars She’ll Take A Trip To The Big Bang Theory

Princess LeiaLong before we see Carrie Fisher reprise the most famous role of her career, as a certain Princess from Alderaan in Star Wars: Episode VII, we’ll have a chance to see her on the small screen. She’ll appear on FXX’s comedy Legit, which I had actually totally forgotten even existed, and the hit CBS’s sitcom The Big Bang Theory, which I just try to ignore. On this last adventure, she’ll be accompanied by another veteran of that far, far away galaxy, the voice of Darth Vader himself, and current shil for the cell phone companies, James Earl Jones.

According to TV Guide, the 57-year-old actress is scheduled to appear on Legit sometime later this season. Fisher will play tough as nails executive Angela Greenberg, who meets with Jim (Jim Jeffries) about developing his comedy routine into something bigger. She calls her character a “crass and confident showbiz woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.” In this particular situation, what she wants just so happens to be Jim, and not because he’s particularly funny or gifted in comedy. Fisher says, “She’s interested in him sexually and gets what she wants.”

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