Godzilla Concept Art Illustrates Monsters And Mayhem

GodzillaGareth Edwards’ Godzilla flattened movie theaters much like the titular monster flattened San Francisco and has stomped through Tokyo on multiple occasions. During the build up we saw teasers, trailers, posters photos, and even an official novelization. And because we seemingly can’t get enough of the big guy—neither can the rest of the world, apparently, as the film recently opened in the top slot in China, beating out both X-Men and Spider-Man 2—we’ve got a some more fantastic concept art from the giant creature feature.

There was, admittedly, a decent amount of concept art revealed during the initial promotional push, but since they were trying their best to keep most of the main character under wraps, we didn’t see anything like this. These illustrations, which come from conceptual artist Dominic Mavery, are full of all kinds of monster-y goodness.



Godzilla 2000 Almost Got A Joe Dante-Directed Sequel

godzilla 2000“If you can’t take the heat…run.”

That’s the goofy trailer tagline for the American release of Takao Okawara’s Godzilla 2000, the film that many people used to wipe the dirty taste of Roland Emmerich’s 1998 Godzilla entry out of their mouths. The U.S. stayed away from producing its own Godzilla movie until Gareth Edwards’ recent reboot, but for the briefest of Hollywood minutes, there existed a potential sequel to Godzilla 2000 called Godzilla Reborn. This would have been produced by screenwriter Michael Schlesinger and RoboCop‘s Jon Davison, with Gremlins director Joe Dante behind the camera. Are you kidding me?

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Godzilla Anatomy And A Handy Visual Guide To Robots

GodzillaMuch like the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expects a kaiju rampage. Well, except maybe the people in Tokyo. If they aren’t expecting a kaiju rampage 24/7, they are clearly not learning from previous experience. But regardless of whether you hang your hat in Japan or not, you could always benefit from boning up on giant monster anatomy, just in case you wind up being the plucky everyman tasked with bringing one of the big brutes down. The handy-dandy Godzilla anatomy chart above should be a perfect place to begin your education.

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Gareth Edwards On Godzilla’s Deaths And Godzilla’s Breath

RoarGodzilla may have been eclipsed at the box office last weekend by X-Men: Days of Future Past, but with director Gareth Edwards contracted for at least one more film, we definitely haven’t see the last of this latest incarnation of everybody’s favorite lumbering atomic beast. But now that most of us have seen Edwards’ Godzilla for ourselves, it’s a chance to explore what went into the making of the colossal flick, and Edwards is dishing all sorts of goodies in an interview with Empire magazine. But if you haven’t seen Godzilla yet…

Warning: monster-sized spoilers below!

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Godzilla/Pacific Rim Mash-Up Brings The Best Of Both Worlds

With the release of Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, this was one of the biggest weekend of the year for everyone at Giant Freakin’ Robot. There are plenty more science fiction movies filling out the rest of the year, but I seriously doubt anything else will match that flick’s Earthbound scale, at least in theaters. The video above does a pretty good job of teasing with a “Godzilla vs. Jaeger” future would look like if the King of the Monsters ever entered into the fictional sphere of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, or vice versa.

It seems like the world should have been full of Godzilla and Pacific Rim mash-ups, given how much conversation involved potential future crossovers. (Hell, maybe a ton of them do exist and I just couldn’t be bothered.) In any case, this MovieClips original is pretty much the epitome of what a multi-giant film should look like. Bryan Cranston. Idris Elba. Godzilla. Giant robots. CITIES DESTROYED! There should be a cinema out there somewhere that just plays these two movies back to back, 24 hours a day, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

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Godzilla’s Getting A Sequel, Surprising No One

godzillaLike many others, we at GFR expected Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla to roar into theaters in a big way, but I’m not sure any of us really thought it could amass almost $200 million worldwide in a single weekend, with over $93 million earned domestically. With that kind of money coming in, one could easily joke about Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures already spinning the cogs on a sequel…but it’s no joking matter anymore. Warner and Legendary are officially getting behind Godzilla 2.

(Allows for all the immediate cheers and groans to quiet down.)

That’s right, the inevitable has happened not even three days after the film’s opening. Of course, the sequel talks started even before that, with presumptions that Godzilla would be a box office bonanza. But Legendary’s Thomas Tull and Warner execs were keeping mum about a follow-up’s prospects until they saw just how successful the monstrous marketing campaign was. And $196 million later, I think it’s safe to say the promotions did what they were supposed to.

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