First Look At Godzilla Showcases Destruction

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As Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla reboot go into pre-production, the film is quickly building fan anticipation and excitement. A new photo has surfaced, teasing the scope of Godzilla’s destruction of what appears to be London. How much of the new Godzilla will be a global film rather than just isolating it in one city? Check out the aftermath of Godzilla’s terror on London below. You can click the image for a larger version.



Godzilla Director Promises Realistic Approach

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Spirits are high as pre-production starts on the re-boot of the iconic monster movie franchise Godzilla. Director Gareth Edwards is taking the first steps from independent filmmaking to giant, Hollywood studio moviemaking. The young director hasn’t helmed a multi-million dollar production like Godzilla before, but a new interview with Edwards gives a sense that he may just get this right.


Iron Man 3 Screenwriter To Rewrite Godzilla Script

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Ever since Legendary Entertainment surprised the Hall H crowd with a secret Godzilla presentation at San Diego Comic-Con last July, many fans of the Japanese movie monster were anxious to watch a new version of the film that didn’t involve Roland Emmerich. Although the new Godzilla hasn’t started production, Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment have hired Iron Man 3 screenwriter Drew Pearce to polish its screenplay.

Variety.com reports that Pearce will be brought on to do four weeks of script revisions to get the production on its way to casting. The original draft was penned by screenwriter Dave Callaham (The Expendables) and then later updated by screenwriters David Goyer (Batman Begins) and Max Borenstein (The Seventh Son). Although he never worked with Goyer or Borenstein directly, Callaham wrote revisions until Pearce was brought on to finalize this latest draft.

Director Gareth Edwards was finally named as the director of Godzilla after months of rumors and speculation. He was officially announced as the project’s director at San Diego Comic-Con after his super-low-budget SF film Monsters received moderate critical and commercial success in 2010. At Comic-Con, Edwards reassured the Hall H audience that his version of Godzilla will be more realistic and not campy as Roland Emmerich’s 1998 version.


There’s A Six-Foot Lizard Loose In Colorado, It May Or May Not Be A Godzilla Baby

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If you live in the Denver area, you might want to lock your doors and keep an eye on your pets, because apparently there’s a six-foot lizard loose in the area. Yes, I said six freakin’ feet long. The 25-pound Nile monitor lizard named “Dino” was being kept as a pet by a Denver-area resident, but finally decided he’d had enough of captivity and that it was time for a good old-fashioned rampage. The critter then broke his leash and took off. This raises two possibilities: 1) either it was tied to a tree or something outside, or 2) it’s fast enough to outrun its human owner. I think we can all agree that it’s probably the latter. On a related note, that also means you can’t outrun it.

The Associated Press reports that 400 homes have been warned about the AWOL lizard, but Teller County Sheriff Mike Ensinger didn’t exactly inspire confidence when he said, “If it gets hungry enough, we don’t know what it will do.” Ensinger says that a tracking dog could be brought in to hunt the animal, but then added, “I’m not going after it. I don’t do reptiles.”


Godzilla Remake Officially Unveiled With Teaser and Poster

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There were some big surprises during the Warner Bros./Legendary panel at Comic-Con. After Guillermo del Toro took the stage to show footage from his new film, Pacific Rim, in Hall H, the studio unveiled something extra for the 6,000 people waiting inside to see exclusive footage for The Man of Steel and The Hobbit. Warner Bros. unleashed a top-secret teaser trailer and poster for their rumored Godzilla remake. Well, it’s not a rumor anymore; Godzilla will be making his way back to the big screen.


Science Fiction’s Ten Best One-On-One Fights To The Death

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Science fiction film and television has provided no shortage of jaw-dropping battle scenes over the years. We’ve watched ships stalk each other through thick nebula haze, sleek starfighters dancing through fields of debris, and burning dreadnoughts make one final, defiant suicide charge against the enemy. But while some of the genre’s most memorable moments were played out on a huge scale, there are plenty of smaller, more personal battles that were just as intense and dramatic. After all, it’s easy to go to war when you’ve got a fleet of the galaxy’s finest behind you, but what about when it’s just you against the person/thing across from you, and only one of you is walking away alive?

In honor of The Hunger Games hitting theaters tomorrow, we here at GFR decided to look back at our favorite mano-a-mano SF fights over the years. These dustups are one-on-one and to-the-death. No one has to actually die, but the intent to kill has to be there, on one side or both. Let’s step into the ring and meet our first contenders… (Note: You can click the images to watch video of the fights.)