Motorcycle Gang Versus Mechs In Three-Minutes From Falling Skies Season 2

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With Terra Nova cancelled, Fringe eternally on the verge of cancellation and SyFy refusing to pick up shows like Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome; it’s now left to Falling Skies to be the defacto sci-fi television show that isn’t on the BBC. The first season was a little uneven but loaded with potential. Enough potential that you should be locked in for season 2.

Falling Skies returns to TNT on June 17th, and the network has just released more than three-minutes of footage from the show’s upcoming 2-hour season 2 premiere. Watch…


First Detailed Look At Spielberg’s Alien Invasion Show Falling Skies

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TNT has unveiled our first, detailed look at Steven Spielberg’s new alien invasion-themed television series. It’s called Falling Skies and unlike V where the alien invasion mostly seems to be some sort of multi-level marketing scheme, in Spielberg’s movie they actually take humanity out. Check out the new gallery of more than 20 images from the show, after the jump.