Back To The Future Merged With Knight Rider? Firefly Combined With The A-Team? Mashup Success!

With the ridiculous popularity of YouTube and the widespread availability of editing software, it’s easier than ever to become internet famous. Maybe you shoot a hilarious short video that explodes across the Twitter-verse. Maybe you luck into having your camera phone ready when a local celebrity is hit in the crotch by a migrating red-breasted nuthatch. Or maybe — just maybe — you realize that footage from the Back to the Future movies would be awesome if edited together beneath the audio from the Knight Rider intro.

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Doctor Who Minisode Has The Doctor And River Making Sacrifices (Plus: Christmas Rumors!)

What is the loyal Doctor Who fan to do? We got a colossal cliffhanger of a season finale (which, granted, wasn’t as much of a surprise as it would have been before the internet), and try as we might, our mad science continues to fail at speeding up time until it’s November 23rd. We’ve still got two months — two months! — until we get to see the Doctor face off against one of his greatest secrets, in the form of the legendary John Hurt. Sure, you could rewatch the show on Netflix, or go read some of the zillion-plus tie-in novels, or even just squeeze your eyes closed and wish really, really hard. But wait! We have a better idea! You could watch that charming little minisode up above! It’s got the Doctor and River and alleged rain gods and it was allegedly written by Neil Gaiman!

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Doctor Who, Abridged: Aussie Comics Perform Every Episode Of The Show In One Convenient Stage Play

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Doctor Who these days, what with the show celebrating 50 years of existence, with a much-anticipated anniversary special due in November, and with current Doctor Matt Smith about to exit and hand the TARDIS keys to a new guy — Peter Capaldi. So while we’ve still got two months before we can get our next official Doctor Who fix, there are still options out there for those experiencing fierce fits of withdrawal. For instance, if you can get yourself to Australia ASAP, you can watch a group of Who-loving comedians perform “Every Episode of Doctor Who Live on Stage.”




Cross The Streams: Hulu Goes British With Doctor Who, Red Dwarf And Life On Mars

(Affects best possible British accent ever) “‘Ello, luvs. Just popped by to let you streamers know that Hulu got pissed on Old Fashioneds the other night and dropped a bunch of U.K. sci-fi round for everyone to get a gander at. While some episodes listed below are available on Hulu, most need the Hulu Plus subscription, but they’re the only place doing the job this week, so how’s about a pat on the bum for them?” That all fell apart before it got started. Get out your spare time for TV marathons, because you’re going to need it this week.

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Doctor Who: Various Episodes, Seasons 1 – 26 (1963-1989)
There’s not too much that I can explain about the great Time Lord that 75 episodes won’t. What’s available is a seemingly random assortment of storylines. You’ll find that Colin Baker’s two seasons are absent, though most of Tom Baker’s seven seasons are here. If anything, I’m assuming this is a good crash course for people who never kept up with the classic era of Doctor Who. (Like me.) Take note that most of these are probably the same ones that Netflix has.

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Did Peter Davison Confirm He’ll Be A Part Of The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode After All?

DavisonTennantFrom the moment anyone first heard about Doctor Who’s upcoming 50th anniversary episode, one of the first questions anyone thought to ask was, “Which Doctors will be involved?” It’s hardly unprecedented for the various actors who have played the legendary Time Lord over the years to share the screen in a mutual adventure. It’s happened before in inventively named serials such as The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors. It has yet, however, to happen in the “modern” incarnation of the show that kicked off with Christopher Eccleston’s tenure. A 50th anniversary episode seems like a perfect excuse to reunite Doctors both old and new in an epic adventure, but so far only Tenth Doctor David Tennant has been confirmed to be sharing the screen with the Eleventh, Matt Smith. That leaves surviving former Doctor actors Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann out in the cold. But now Davison is claiming that he does have some sort of involvement in the 50th anniversary, claiming also to have a copy of the script for the special episode “which has got my name embossed across it.” But does that really mean he’ll be putting in an appearance in “The Day of the Doctor?”

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Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special Gets A Name, A Poster…And A Protest?

WhoDayDoctorThe secrecy surrounding Doctor Who’s much-anticipated 50th anniversary episode has been slowly lifting over the past year. After rumors piled upon rumors, we eventually learned that former Who actors David Tennant and Billie Piper were going to return as the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, respectively. We learned that John Hurt had a role, and eventually the shocking news of just who (ahem) he was playing. Now we can tick off one more bit of important info: the episode’s name. As seen in the newly released poster above, the 50th anniversary episode will be titled “The Day of the Doctor.”


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