Defiance Video Game Aims For Releases On Xbox One And PS4

Xbox One & PS4

The TV series Defiance is not just an unfolding television narrative, it’s also a multi-media experience with a video game tie-in that expands the future world depicted on the show. The TV series and video game launched relatively near each other, but one has more problems than the other.

The Defiance video game has been crippled with server instability and other problems, but the game’s developer, Trion Worlds, plans to release the video game on the next generation of video game consoles, namely the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. According to Nathan Richardsson, Trion Worlds’ Executive Producer:

At a point in time when those consoles are in the market, we’d very much like to be on them. You should be able to continue your PS3 experience on the PS4, and the 360 experience on whatever it is that’s coming out. The way we’d do it is, the first iteration would be using the same client that we have. There shouldn’t be any need for a port. We’re essentially just moving our client between consoles — it’s the same client.



Defiance Gets A Second Season From Syfy

DefianceWe may only be part of the way through the inaugural season of Syfy’s new series Defiance, but that didn’t stop the network from reupping for a second season.

The order for a 13-episode second season follows on the heels of the second-highest-rated premiere in the network’s history. Defiance debuted to an audience of more than four million viewers. In the weeks following the unveiling, the numbers have remained strong, averaging in excess of two million viewers per week, and winning its Monday night timeslot for the show’s key demographic.

Set in a future world, Defiance tells the story of a world where aliens have landed on Earth, looking for a new home. After a long, destructive war with the human race, they have begun to integrate into human society. You can imagine that this might be a bumpy ride, as different species attempt to learn to get along with each other in post-apocalyptic frontier. The bulk of the series takes place in the ruins of St. Louis, renamed Defiance, and follows Jeb Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his adopted alien daughter, Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas).



Defiance Game Characters Could Win An Appearance In The TV Show

DefianceIs anybody out there playing Defiance the game? I’ve been cautiously enjoying the Syfy TV series, but in spite of being a gamer, I haven’t had any spare time to check out its transmedia sibling, an MMO third-person shooter intertwined narratively with the show. It’s been unclear exactly to what degree the two entities would actually crossover, but now game developer Trion Worlds has announced a contest to win your in-game character an appearance on the show.

The Defiance Most Wanted contest launched today, and is set to run through 11:59 PDT on Sunday, May 12th. If you’re a Defiance player, you can register for the contest, then you will have to compete two “Most Wanted” activities within the game. Not having played it myself, it sounds like “Most Wanted” is just a subset of the game’s questing system.

The first is called Rogue’s Gallery, and involves the player ”eliminating various mutants, raiders, 99ers, and more.” So, killing stuff, basically. Pretty straightforward. The second, Competitor, “pits you against other ark hunters in team-based PvP and Shadow War modes.” The winner of that one will be the hunter earning the most ark salvage per hour.



Cross The Streams: Defiance, Starship Troopers, And Lynchian Shorts Go Online

To stream, or not to stream? It’s not even a question. Here’s this week’s limited round-up of what hit the Internet this week.

DefianceDefiance (Hulu)
We’ve talked about it in the past, and it recently debuted to pretty solid ratings. This Syfy series from Rockne S. O’Bannon, Kevin Murphy, and Michael Taylor, which also has its own online FPS video game, tells the futuristic story of a badass and his charge who arrive in the border town Defiance 30 years after an war with aliens left Earth a very different place. You’ll be able to follow along with this one weekly if you miss the live viewing and your DVR is clogged.

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Defiance Debuts To Syfy’s Biggest Ratings In Years

DefianceWhen a company pours $100 million into a project, it’s a fair assumption that they want that money back, and to eventually make a profit. I’m certain everyone behind the new Syfy series/game tie-in Defiance was waiting with baited breaths as the show premiered Monday night, waiting and hoping for huge rating numbers.

While they aren’t huge, Defiance‘s ratings are a definite step up for Syfy, and the two-hour premiere’s total number of viewers — 2.7 million people — is the best the network has seen since the mystery drama Warehouse 13 debuted to a 3.5 million strong audience. For the coveted demographic of adults 18-49, Defiance was watched by 1.3 million, the highest since Eureka‘s 2006 numbers. So these are good numbers, but not quite great numbers, though word-of-mouth and the gaming population — which has logged over six million hours of play time so far — could slowly build this show a dedicated audience to compete with other high-profile cable shows. I’m not saying it’ll get to The Walking Dead levels, but if Defiance avoids Walking Dead‘s haphazard storytelling and character development, it might even rope in some non-genre fans.

“(NBC Universal CEO) Steve Burke is a big cheerleader of this,” says Syfy president Dave Howe, who told The Hollywood Reporter that Defiance will be given time to succeed. “This project makes sense in the marriage of content and distribution. The game is obviously broadband-hungry, which from Comcast’s perspective makes total sense for their broadband business.”

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Syfy’s Defiance And Tom Cruise’s Oblivion Arrive: This Week In Science Fiction

DefianceThis is a huge week for science fiction, with major releases on both the big screen and the small! First up, Defiance premieres tonight on Syfy. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid our near-constant optimistic chatter about the series for the past few months, here’s the skinny: Defiance is set in the future, in the aftermath of a long war between humanity and seven species of aliens who arrived to colonize our world. A fragile peace has been reached, although our world has been scarred and twisted by terraforming tech during the war. Defiance is set in a settlement of the same name, built around the ruins of St. Louis. There a cast of human and aliens do their best to coexist and survive the dangers old and new. Defiance was created by Farscape’s Rocke S. O’Bannon, Caprica‘s Kevin Murphy, and Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Taylor. It’s been a while since Syfy has had a truly exceptional science fiction series on their line-up, so I’m hoping this one can recapture some of the Farscape/BSG magic.

This week also sees the U.S. premiere of Joseph Kosinsiki’s Oblivion. It’s Kosinski’s follow-up to Tron: Legacy, which was visually stunning but lacking in the narrative and character department. Sadly, the early reviews from overseas suggest that Oblivion may be falling into that same category. If that’s true, it’s a shame. As common as it is to jump on the Tom Cruise hatred bandwagon, I try never to root for a movie to fail, especially not an original science fiction project like Oblivion. Cruise’s history when it comes to science fiction is hit (Minority Report) or miss (War of the Worlds), but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Oblivion is worth the ticket price.

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