David Tennant Rumored For Rocket Raccoon In Guardians Of The Galaxy

doctor whoAs production gets closer and closer on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, there are still two remaining roles to cast — Rocket Raccoon and Groot — for the cosmic superhero flick. Now a very popular geek icon’s name is the latest to be rumored for the role of Rocket Raccoon — former Doctor Who lead David Tennant!

According to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook fan-site, David Tennant has been “tapped” to voice the character of Rocket Raccoon in Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy for director James Gunn. So far this just a rumor, but the word is that Tennant is at the top of the list to play the role. At one point, both Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler were rumored for the role.

Tennant is best known for playing The Doctor, appearing as the 10th incarnation of the character from 2005 to 2010. He’s also returning to the iconic role for the upcoming 50th anniversary special in 2013. He later appeared in the movie remake of Fright Night in 2011, and recently did some voice work for Lucasfilm for the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series.

Rocket Raccoon is the “muscle” of the Guardians of the Galaxy team. He has a keen sense of smell, sight, and hearing, much like an Earth raccoon, but he’s also an expert marksman, master tactician, and an accomplished starship pilot. He also has an affinity for heavy artillery and weaponry.

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David Tennant And Billie Piper Confirmed For Doctor Who 50th

David Tennant and Billie Piper as the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler

Finally! After months of the BBC saying a whole lot of nothing about whether any of the former Doctors or companions would be returning for the show’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the BBC has finally opened the gates just a bit. David Tennant and Billie Piper, who played the Tenth Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler, respectively, will return to reprise their characters as part of the anniversary blowout.

This is great news, and news that I was beginning to think would never come (and I wasn’t the only one). Ideally all the surviving Doctors should return — this isn’t just about the modern incarnation of the show, after all — but if they were only going to bring back one former Doctor, it makes sense to use Tennant, simply because he’s beloved by many of the fans and is the freshest in everyone’s minds. That being said, I hope my lingering cynicism will be proven wrong and this will be just the first announcement of many yet to come. How amazing would it be to see the modern Doctors sharing the screen with the classic versions? (We’ll just explain away their age with some timey-wimey mumbo jumbo.)

With Rose returning, dare we hope that Christopher Eccleston might come back as well? After all, he was the one who brought Rose into the Doctor’s crazy world in the first place.

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David Tennant Losing Hope He’ll Be Invited Back For Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

David Tennant Portrait Session

I’m beginning to suspect that the people running Doctor Who may, in fact, have their heads up their respective asses. There’s been constant talk of what a big hullabulloo they’re planning in celebration of the show’s 50th anniversary this year, but so far the actual confirmed events have been a bit underwhelming. Sure, there’s going to be a TV special of some sort, and a TV movie about the creation of the series, as well as some new audio dramas and short stories. But given that this is a TV show we’re discussing, you’d think they’d be making their biggest celebratory press in that medium. And while there are constant rumors about former Doctors and companions returning in some capacity, that still hasn’t been confirmed, and every time those rumors gain any steam, it seems that one or the other of the former Doctors steps forward and says they still don’t know if anything is happening. This time it’s David Tennant.

I realize wrangling former Doctors and companions could be difficult logistically, but if nothing else it would seem a given to bring back Tennant in some way, since he’s the most recent to pass along the mantle of the time lord. But in a new interview with Time Out, he was asked about returning for the anniversary and admitted that he is “beginning to give up hope that anything’s going to happen.” Sure, he could just be vowed to silence about the surprises they have up their sleeve, but that particular wording doesn’t sound like a coy evasion to me. It sounds like somebody who’s genuinely hurt at the thought of being left out of a celebration for the show that is still a huge part of his life. And if he is feeling that way, then the Doctor Who people need to get their shit together and make it right.

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Strong Rumors That David Tennant Will Return For Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

The idea of former Doctor Who actors returning for the show’s 50th anniversary celebration next year certainly aren’t new, with pretty much all of the living former Doctors rumored to be putting in an appearance at one point or another. David Tennant has been the source of many of these rumors, which makes sense given that he’s the most recent Doctor before current lead Matt Smith. We still haven’t heard anything official, but one entertainment website says this rumor may be a done deal.

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The Nerdist Year In Review Trailer, Prepare For Full Tennant Action

The Nerdist is the latest in a long line of podcast addictions for me, so I’ve been aware of the special airing this evening. Just because I obsessively listen to 20 podcasts each week doesn’t mean everyone else is crazy. The Nerdist special will cover all of the geeky things that happened this past year with host/owner/overlord Chris Hardwicke and friends Matt Mira and Jonah Ray.

According to our sister site the show will feature some truly nerdtastic guests. The Nerdist: Year In Review includes the usual hostful cast with special appearances by Wil Wheaton, David Tennant, Nathan Fillion, and Simon Pegg. If you’ve listened to the podcast, or saw the previous special, you should have a good grasp on the concept. Watch the trailer below for a taste.

The Nerdist: Year In Review special airs at 9:00pm ET on BBC America on December 24th.

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