Letter 44: Read The Entire First Issue Of An Awesome New SF Comic Free Online

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Letter 44Science fiction and politics aren’t always the most comfortable bedfellows, though there are notable exceptions like Independence Day‘s President Whitmore and Brian K. Vaughan’s excellent Ex Machina comic series. A new exception has joined the bunch, as Charles Soule and Alberto Alburquerque’s intriguing new Oni Press comic Letter 44 just released its second issue, deepening the mystery that the debut set up so solidly. You say you’d like to know what this mystery is? Well, you’re in luck, as the entire first issue is available to read on io9.

Soule — best known for Strongman and Strange Attractors — and Alburquerque have created something entirely unique that is based on a recognizable reality and utilizes a classic aesthetic that focuses less on bright splash pages and more on telling a clear and concise story.