Knitted Borg Cap Will Assimilate, Warm Your Head

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I think the Borg have gotten a bad rap over the years. Sure, they violently assimilate other races and add their biological and technological distinctiveness to their own, but as far as I can tell they have like a zero-percent unemployment rate. Have you ever seen an out-of-work Borg? I don’t think so. And they get to fly around the universe in a sweet cubical starship, plus you just know they’ve got some kickass multiplayer gaming sessions going while they’re all plugged into their little recharger booths. The only problem I see is that they always look kind of chilly. Maybe it’s all that pale, grayish skin, but I can’t help but imagine that those Borg ships get awfully drafty with all that open space. Well, somebody pass along the Collective’s email address if you’ve got it, because we’ve got the solution to their problem right here.