Beyoncé Inexplicably Samples Challenger Disaster Audio In New Single

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In today’s edition of “News Stories That Are Free From News But Still Managed to Get a Lot of People’s Panties Into Wadded Hellfire Bundles,” we have “XO,” the latest single and video from pop superstar Beyoncé, which has caused something of a delayed uproar for using an audio sample from the 1986 Challenger disaster. Was it a dumb and essentially pointless move? Definitely. Was it bad enough to somehow cause further space disasters in the future? Not likely. But still.

“Flight controllers here looking very carefully at the situation. Obviously a major malfunction.” These words from NASA’s Steve Nesbitt were used to begin a song that isn’t talking about space shuttles or flight controllers, but about a relationship that’s giving Beyoncé trouble. And not the kind of trouble that explodes a person over the ocean, but one that hurts the heart or some shit. The quality of the song and its inherent (non) value aside, it’s rather baffling that the clip was used in the first place. I’m assuming she and her producers couldn’t get the rights to any 911 calls following school shootings.