Tina Fey Dressed Up As Marty McFly For Parkinson’s Fundraiser

tina fey as marty mcflyFew women in pop culture have as much geek cred as Tina Fey, who has been flaunting her love for all things Star Wars for years, both on and off her mostly genius NBC sitcom 30 Rock, whose absence is still missed. (Particularly on NBC, which has apparently forgotten that comedies are supposed to make people laugh.) So it’s no surprise that the former SNL star altered her look when taking the stage at this year’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s, an annual fundraiser put on by the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson Research. But instead of coming dolled up in a fashionable gown, she went back to Fox’s past for the future of fashion and went as a lookalike of Marty McFly. Great Scott Adsit!

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Back To The Future: Unused Poster Art By The Legendary Drew Struzan

BTTFbannerEven if you don’t recognize Drew Struzan’s name, I guarantee you would recognize his work. The legendary artist has provided some of the most iconic poster art in science fiction film history. All six Star Wars films? You bet. All three Back to the Future movies? Absolutely. Blade Runner, The Thing, Goonies, Indiana Jones, and Big Trouble in Little China? You better believe it. But it stands to reason that sometimes the perfect poster goes through a bit of revision before it achieves its final brilliance. Case in point, check out all the unused designs Struzan experimented with for the Back to the Future films before deciding on the three mirrored images used for the final posters, which you can see up top.


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Back To The Future Cinematographer To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Great Scott!Membership in The American Society of Cinematographers is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a professional cinematographer. The organization is not a guild or a labor union, but rather a prestigious group of selected professionals, which has been giving out its Lifetime Achievement Award since 1987 to the very best in the industry.

As reported on The Dissolve, cinematographer Dean Cundey will be receiving the ASC’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Cundey’s work in film is iconic and invaluable to cinema as a whole. He has worked with some great genre directors, such as John Carpenter, Robert Zemeckis, and Steven Spielberg. Cundey’s work contributed to the eerie tone of such great science fiction and horror films as Halloween, The Fog, and Escape from New York.

The most important film Cundey worked on for John Carpenter was the director’s 1982 classic The Thing. Cundey recalled his experience working with the genre director:

…our first venture into a major studio film […] a great experience because we now had at our disposal all of the things that we couldn’t afford before: large stages and a very experienced production designer; a lot more equipment and facilities. So it was a great introduction into mainstream Hollywood.

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Back To The Future Prank Has Marty McFly And Jennifer Face-to-Face With Themselves

I’m a big fan of the New York-based improv group Improv Everywhere. Over the years they’ve staged stunts such as freezing dozens of people in place inside Grand Central Station, staging a talk show interview in a working subway car, and talking a “suicide jumper” down from a four-foot ledge. Nevertheless, I gave them a mixed review last week for two of their recent stunts. The Ghostbusters prank that had three ghosts invading a library, only to be chased out by guys with proton packs, that was awesome. Their slow-motion Matrix fight in the middle of a department store, however, left something to be desired. Now they’ve fully redeemed themselves in my eyes with the clever Back to the Future stunt up above.

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8-Bit Sci-Fi Theme Songs Will Hit You Right In The Nostalgia Gland

If there’s one thing that unites those of us who grew up in the ‘80s — aside from having way better kids movies — it’s the sweet rush of nostalgia when we hear some chirpy 8-bit composition that takes us back to the hours spent in front of a Nintendo trying to navigate a chubby Italian plumber through a series of incorrect castles. There’s just something about hearing a tune stripped down and piped through a woefully inadequate sound system that puts a smile on my face, and makes me want to go download an NES emulator.

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The Back To The Future Theme Song Makes Everything Better (And Other Observations)

First a quick warning: there’s nothing crude or naked in the below video, but there is some hilarious, over-the-top violence. Don’t click play if you have a sensitive boss standing behind you. Also, shouldn’t you be working?