Researchers Look For Evidence Of Time Travelers On The Internet

TARDISIf there were time travelers out there, how would we know? It’s not like the TARDIS arrives at the airport or gets parked in municipal lots. Time travelers aren’t supposed to reveal themselves, especially to their past or future selves, because that would disrupt the space-time continuum. No one showed up to Stephen Hawking’s time traveler party. But just because we haven’t confirmed the existence of time travelers doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Two researchers from Michigan Technological University are passing their time in the Upper Peninsula in perhaps the most interesting way this Michigander has ever heard of—by searching the internet for proof of time travelers in the form of uncannily correct predictions about the future.

If you think I’m making this up, just check out the paper the duo published. People don’t write papers unless they’re serious. Even though Stephen Hawking doesn’t think time travel is actually possible, it’s at least theoretically possible, and that’s enough for these guys. The researchers went online to search for “content that should not have been known at the time it was posted.” Like sports predictions from an almanac retrieved from the future. Got it. But isn’t there arguably a ton of information online that “should not have been known?” I mean, we here at GFR make some stunning predictions about sci-fi plots and futuristic technology that have proven prescient. Maybe we ought to come clean about the time traveler on staff? You have to admit, that’s a great asset, although not one I’ve ever seen on a resume or CV.

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Back To The Future Images Take You Behind-The-Scenes Of Zemeckis’ Classic Trilogy

BTTF1Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future is one of the few nearly perfect bits of science fiction and pop culture. It’s the rare beast that I’m hugely nostalgic about, but which still holds up brilliantly, putting it in the same camp as the first Ghostbusters movie. Aside from having a great story, unforgettable characters, and plenty of laughs, the trilogy has also earned a spot alongside Star Trek for being one of the bars by which we measure our technological progress. Each year that ticks by finds us irritated that we still don’t have functional hoverboards or flying DeLoreans or Mr. Fusion. Probably best for everybody that we don’t have time travel yet though. But as consolation prizes go, this massive gallery of images from the making of Back to the Future and its sequels is pretty damn awesome. (Props to Outatime and Geek Tyrant, who first shared all these pictures.)



Back To The Future Gets An Instagram And An Amazing Acoustic Theme

back to the future instagramYou know what was great about the teenagers in the 1980s? They didn’t have a billion methods of engaging socially with the world at large. As such, teen movies from the 1980s are nowhere near as ironically self-aware and communication is done by people using their mouths and ears. (I guess people wrote letters, too.) Well, the occasionally aggravating geniuses over at BuzzFeed decided to add some new-millennium flair to one of the most classic films of all time — of all time! — by giving Back to the Future‘s Marty McFly an Instagram account. That’s worth about 1.21 gag-awatts, right? Luckily, someone performed an incredible acoustic guitar version of the theme that balances things out.

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DeLorean Inventor Had Plans For A Laser Combustion Engine

delorean engineBefore this post, I didn’t know much about engineer John DeLorean, other than that he developed a number of cars, including one featured in one of the best movies of all time. He also had a colored history that included a trial for trafficking cocaine, which he managed to overcome by proving entrapment. But what do you expect, the guy was born in Detroit. (Kidding! I grew up in Michigan and would never speak ill of the mitten!) Anyway, his engineering prowess extends past the Pontiac series and his iconic winged car. Turns out that Mr. DeLorean had some pretty crazy ideas — namely, a design for a cutting-edge engine with a laser ignition.

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It’s A Back To The Future Reunion As Christopher Lloyd Visits The Michael J. Fox Show

Doc1Marty McFly and Doc Brown are back together for one last adventure! Okay, so not quite, but there’s still something about these pictures of Christopher Lloyd guest-starring on Michael J. Fox’s aptly titled Michael J. Fox Show that puts a big stupid grin on my face. And it looks like there may be some laser tag shenanigans involved. This is heavy.

The Hollywood Reporter premiered the images today, which are taken from an as-yet-unidentified upcoming episode of NBC’s Michael J. Fox Show. The show, which is based in part on Fox’s real-life struggles with Parkinson’s disease, has Fox in the role of Mike Henry, a former news anchor who had to quit his job because of his health situation. The show follows his family and life as he tries to re-enter the workplace. THR reveals that Lloyd, best known for the fuzzy-headed eccentric genius Dr. Emmett Brown in all three Back to the Future films, will be playing the principal of the high school where Mike’s wife Annie (Betsy Brandt) teaches. Apparently he’ll butt heads with Fox’s character for some reason. (Presumably because Mike keeps trying to get him to read a letter about the future.) It looks like they’re work out their differences via laser tag, an approach we here at GFR heartily endorse.

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RoboCop, Terminator, And Other ‘80s SF Classic Get Classy Stained-Glass Makeover

RoboCopYet again, the Internet has served up something I didn’t even know I needed. We’re forever discovering new and creative ways the artists of the world are riffing, remixing, and referencing some of the beloved films of our very favorite genre, and it should surprise no one that we’re really quite infatuated with the stylish stained-glass makeover designers Van Orton gave classic ‘80s flicks including RoboCop, The Terminator, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, and more. I’m tempted to build a cathedral just so I can commission real glass versions of these. I’ve always wanted to start my own church. Look out, world, here comes The First Orthodox Church of the Immaculate Robot!

It’s one of those ideas that just sounds odd at first blush, but the blends of spectacular color do make for some striking images, especially if you imagine them rendered in actual glass, with sunlight cutting through in multi-hued shards. Hell, that RoboCop one up top is easily a more impressive visual than any of the actual movie posters for the upcoming reboot.

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