Live Action Astro Boy And Robotech Adaptations Blast Off, Details Here

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Astro BoyHollywood spends a lot of time considering what potential audiences are nostalgic for, which is why damn near every movie that gets released is a remake, a reboot, a sequel, or an adaptation of something that came before. If they liked it once, they’ll like it again, right? We’ve got Transformers, G.I. Joe, and maybe even a GoBots in the future, but two more projects that have the potential to be pretty cool, and that are now in the works, are live action Astro Boy and Robotech adaptations.

Heat Vision reports that Astro Boy, which had a 2009 animated movie that face-planted so hard almost no one remembers it happened, is in the works, being guided by Australian special effects house Animal Logic. They’re best known for working on Happy Feet and Avengers: Age of Ultron, though they’re also working on a Betty Boop movie.