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will ferrell

R-Rated Raunchy Comedy Gives Will Ferrell His Funniest Appearance, Stream Without Netflix

Will Ferrell has brought countless laughs into the lives of fans since his debut on the long-running NBC series Saturday …

2 days ago

William Shatner Got In Trouble With Star Trek Fans Because Of SNL

In 1986, William Shatner hosted SNL and participated in a sketch that would forever change his relationship with the Star …

2 weeks ago

Red One Looks Like A Fake Movie, See The Evidence

Dwayne Johnson has had a fairly shaky track record with blockbuster films in recent years, with outings such as Black …

3 weeks ago

’70s Action Exploitation Film Turns Ex-Cop Into Easy Target, Stream Without Netflix

I just watched 1979’s The Glove on Tubi this weekend, and I went into my viewing experience with zero expectations. …

3 weeks ago

One Of John Belushi’s Greatest Movies Needs Saving

The tragic death of John Belushi in 1982 cut short a promising future of comedic roles that his fans were …

4 weeks ago

Political Comedy Isn’t Funny Anymore, And We’re All Paying For It

I’m not trying to get all political here (okay, I am), but I can’t stand the current state of political …

4 weeks ago

john cena peacemaker season 2

SNL Icon Joins DCU In Peacemaker Season 2

James Gunn has announced that Saturday Night Live legend Tim Meadows will join the DCU in Peacemaker Season 2. The …

1 month ago

Man seeking woman

The Funniest Fantasy Comedy Series In Years Is Already Being Lost

The rise of streaming has led many incredible movies and shows to fall through the cracks, as not every service …

1 month ago

Home Alone 2 Actor And SNL Host Convicted Of Multiple Felony Charges

Donald Trump, former United States President, has been convicted of all charges in the New York hush money/election interference trial. …

2 months ago

The Best Dark Comedy Crime Series Ever Is Streaming On Max

Since the golden era of streaming first kicked off over a decade ago, it seems that television viewers have been …

2 months ago

saturday night fever

1970s Iconic Movie Set Piece Expecting To Sell For $300,000

The iconic dance floor from the 1977 disco movie Saturday Night Fever is expected to fetch up to $300,000 when bidding opens via …

2 months ago

The Fan-Favorite Adventure Buddy Comedy With Two SNL Stars No One Ever Talks About

Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd grew from their roots as early players on the NBC hit show Saturday Night Live …

2 months ago

The Forgotten Sketch Comedy That Was Going To Replace SNL, Stream All Seasons Now

When it debuted on April 11, 1980, the ABC network sketch comedy series Fridays was all but assured to not …

3 months ago

Chris Farley Biopic Happening With A-List Talent Starring And Directing

Comedy legend Chris Farley is getting a biopic, and there’s an A-list team behind it. There is a script based …

3 months ago

1990s Comedy Horror Box Office Bomb Gains Cult Following

To say that Nothing but Trouble was a box office disappointment would have been the understatement of 1991. The Dan …

3 months ago

How Christina Applegate Got The Best SNL Sketch Ever On The Air

In a recent episode of Dana Carvey and David Spade’s podcast, Fly on the Wall, actress Christina Applegate delved into …

3 months ago

Sharon Stone Says Her Life Was Saved By SNL Boss Protecting Her From Protestors

Sharon Stone recently talked with fellow Hollywood hams Dana Carvey and David Spade on their popular Apple podcast, Fly on …

4 months ago

Sydney Sweeney Doesn’t Care About Madame Web At All

Sydney Sweeney, who recently appeared in Madame Web, has responded to the unfavorable reception of the film with indifference. The …

4 months ago

sydney sweeney snl 1

Sydney Sweeney Slams Madame Web During SNL Monologue

Sydney Sweeney joked about the failed superhero film Madame Web during her first-ever Saturday Night Live monologue. “You might have seen me in Anyone But …

5 months ago

everything must go

The Deadpan Comedy Better Than Anyone Expected, Stream Now Without Netflix

When the name Will Ferrell comes to mind, the first thing we want to do is quote Anchorman gratuitously because …

5 months ago

dirty work

The Raunchy Comedy Hidden Gem On Streaming Features The Best Actors In The Genre

The world is certainly a darker place ever since Norm Macdonald and Bob Saget passed away, but that doesn’t mean …

5 months ago

The Best Acting Advice Steven Spielberg Gave Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin comes from a Hollywood family, but has made a big name for himself. He’s been acting for four …

5 months ago

Only Murders In The Building Gets Another SNL Icon For Season 4

Just when you thought that the cast for Hulu’s Only Murders In the Building couldn’t get any more stacked, news …

5 months ago

Hot Ones Host Breaks Up With Adult Film Star On Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, the sparks of romance quickly fizzled out for Hot Ones host Sean Evans and adult film star …

5 months ago


Tina Fey Taking Over SNL Gets A Little More Real

Could Tina Fey be the next leader behind the fan-favorite weekly sketch series, SNL? Current producer and creator Lorne Michaels …

6 months ago

Chevy Chase Is Back, Here’s All We Know About His Return

As we return to work and our regular schedules following the holiday slowdown, there are a few movies that many …

7 months ago

Adam Driver Says Wokeness Killed Han Solo In Star Wars

Adam Driver took a shot at Star Wars during his latest Saturday Night Live monologue. The actor blamed wokeness for the death of Han …

7 months ago

Mayim Bialik jeopardy

Mayim Bialik Forgives Former SNL Member For Huge Embarrassment

In recent months, audiences have often criticized Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik for how she conducted herself as the …

9 months ago