The Ferrari Of Space Is In For One Hell Of A Crash

This is exactly what you should expect when you take a Ferrari into space. The European Space Agency’s GOCE (Gravity …

10 years ago

asteroid capture

NASA Funds Ten Space Tech Proposals

It’s good to see that even though NASA isn’t swimming (or flying) in dough, it’s still able to fund space …

10 years ago

Han Solo Spotted On Mercury And Incredible Blue Dunes On Mars

Everyone knows that once you go looking for something, you’re bound to find something that at least resembles what you’re …

10 years ago

NASA Bed Test

NASA Will Pay You $18,000 To Stay In Bed

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you just don’t want to get out of bed? You know, …

10 years ago

Voyager 1

Voyager 1 Boldly (And Historically) Goes Into Interstellar Space

Voyager 1 has been journeying through space just longer than I’ve been journeying on Earth — 36 years. Now scientists …

10 years ago

Dwarf Planet Ceres May Have Ice, Could Be A Game Changer

There’s been a lot of hubbub lately about habitable planets, but most of the ones we’ve identified so far with …

10 years ago

NASA’s LADEE Moon Probe Puts On Show For The Eastern U.S.

Late Friday night, NASA launched a Minotaur V rocket carrying a lunar orbiter called LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment …

10 years ago

Popeye on Mars

Solar-Powered Autonomous Greenhouse Could Produce Fresh Spinach On Mars

As plans for a Mars colony are underway, at least preliminarily and tentatively, scores of questions arise about the logistics …

10 years ago


Robotic 3D Printer Spiders Could Build The Spacecraft Of Tomorrow

We know that NASA has been talking about taking 3D printing into space for a little while now, and I’ll …

10 years ago


The Moon Shows New Evidence Of Subsurface Water

When it comes to space science, finding water on the moon has been something of a holy grail to astronomers …

10 years ago

warp drive

Quantum-Thruster Physics May Be The Key To Warp Drives

Faster-than-light technology is one of those sci-fi inventions that I frequently wish was reality (along with replicators). I’ll take a …

10 years ago

nasa launch pad

NASA Accepting Bids On Moon Mission Launch Platforms

Do you have a lot of money, a huge backyard and a key interest in space memorabilia? You’re in luck! …

10 years ago

Exoskeletons Aren’t Just for Iron Men Anymore—Now They’re For Astronauts Too

While Elysium raises some frightening possibilities about the implications of the class divide, it did present a pretty awesome futuristic …

10 years ago

comet dives into sun

Comet Dives Into The Sun, Scores A 9.8

Comets sure are dramatic sometimes — last week, one dove right into the sun! Scientists from NASA and the ESA …

10 years ago

parmitano space station

Space Station Astronaut Describes Nearly Drowning In Outer Space

A little over a month ago, we reported that a maintenance spacewalk outside the International Space Station had to be …

10 years ago


Mars MAVEN Arrives At Kennedy Space Center For Launch Prep

If you saw the 55th anniversary infographic of NASA’s planned missions through 2030, you will have already heard about MAVEN, …

10 years ago


NASA’s MESSENGER Probe Shows You What It’s Like To Leave Earth In The Rearview

One of the key ingredients of science fiction as a genre—not all, of course, there are many kinds of sci-fi—has …

10 years ago

The Sun’s Magnetic Field Will Flip In The Next Few Months

Every so often, we go through changes in life that can be quite confusing. Puberty, marriage, childbirth, zombification, or what …

10 years ago

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Reflects On Sounds In Space

If you frequent this site, along with most other science/space-based areas of the Internet, then you’re familiar with the name …

10 years ago

nasa oculus rift

NASA Is Taking Leisurely Virtual Reality Strolls Around Mars

If you think you’ve missed the train to Mars, don’t bother settling for counting stars. (Hum reference!) Just head on …

10 years ago

Aliens in NYC

Neil deGrasse Tyson Thinks Humans Might Be Too Stupid For Aliens To Contact

The Fermi Paradox illustrates the apparent contradiction between the high likelihood that there is intelligent life somewhere out there and …

10 years ago

NASA infographic

NASA’s Planned Missions Through 2030 In One Neat Infographic

Happy birthday, NASA! Everyone’s favorite underfunded government organization is turning 55. Instead of buying NASA a tattoo or a new …

10 years ago

apollo 11 back

Apollo 11 HD Photos Celebrate The Mission’s 44th Anniversary

One small snapshot for man…

10 years ago

apollo 11 wreckage2

Apollo 11’s F-1 Rocket Discovered On The Ocean Floor

The only things I’ve ever gotten from the bottom of an ocean are leg wounds from being whisked along jagged …

10 years ago

Comet ISON Soars Before The Stars In Mesmerizing Hubble Image

The most beautiful thing on Earth might fight a tough fight, but it will eventually get trumped by the most …

10 years ago

neptune new moon

Neptune’s Tiny 14th Moon Has Been Discovered

One of the most fascinating and humbling aspects of space exploration is that almost everything is billions of years older …

10 years ago

NASA Letter

NASA Responds To A 7 Year Old’s Request To Go Into Space

Remember how amazing the idea of space travel was when you were a kid? Don’t get me wrong, it still …

10 years ago

Kepler telescope

NASA Will Try To Fix Kepler Space Telescope

Kepler, we just can’t quit you. During bouts of insomnia, cruising the NASA website for news and photos of your …

10 years ago


Wrath Of Khan Director Penning TV Pilot About The Origins Of The Space Race

Whenever the American space program is featured in film, it’s usually in the context of a huge shuttle launch or …

10 years ago

NASA’s Billion-Pixel Mars Panorama Shows The Red Planet In Amazing Detail

NASA’s Curiosity rover has been providing plenty of amazing images from the Red Planet for armchair astronauts such as myself …

10 years ago