YouTube Just Changed All Of Its Content Because Of MrBeast

YouTube is now offering content creators the ability to include foreign language dubs of their videos following a highly successful test program run by MrBeast.

By Phillip Moyer | Updated

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When a story comes out about YouTube, it’s generally bad. The popular social media platform has recently been in the news for making users watch five ads before videos and for significantly raising subscription prices right before Thanksgiving. But now, Deadline reports a positive change – following a pilot program by MrBeast, content creators can now dub their content in other languages.

This change allows creators to extend their reach to international audiences by giving viewers the option to listen to YouTube‘s vast library of content in their language of choice. While the platform has previously offered the option to auto-translate subtitles, creators had limited options for providing audio in multiple languages. Until now, the only option they had was to create a separate foreign-language channel — something that took more effort and stymied the channels’ ability to be chosen by Google’s recommendation algorithm.

YouTubers with access to the tool will be able to upload new audio tracks using the Subtitles Editor tool. Viewers can check if another language is available on a video by clicking on the video’s settings.

YouTube’s choice of MrBeast to lead the project makes perfect sense. Using separate channels, the creator has already released some of his most popular videos in foreign languages. These channels have translated his videos into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Hindi, and Arabic.

MrBeast has expended no small effort into creating multi-language content on these YouTube channels. He has hired professional voice actors to create his dubbed channels, many of whom have appeared on foreign-language versions of popular films, video games, and TV shows, including NarutoRegular ShowMy Little PonySuper Smash Bros., and The Lego Movie

Uploads to most of these channels stopped on December 4, 2022, when YouTube allowed MrBeast to test the dubbing system on his main channel. His last videos on most of his foreign accounts announced the change, stating that all new translations would be found on his main channel. The exception is MrBeast’s absurdly-popular Spanish language account, which regularly receives view counts exceeding 100 million.

For those unfamiliar, MrBeast is the fourth-most-popular YouTube channel and the most-popular channel that’s centered around a single personality. This record previously belonged to PewDiePie’s gaming channel until MrBeast beat his record in November 2022. 

MrBeast’s YouTube content generally centers around contests, stunts, and philanthropic work. His most popular videos include a $456,000 real-life Squid Game, a stunt where he spends 50 hours in solitary confinement, and paying for anything from an electronics store that someone can fit into a small circle in the ground. 

However, the addition of multi-language dubbing will not be available to all YouTube creators immediately. The program will be expanded to thousands of different creators, many of whom have already created videos in multiple languages. 

So far, there’s no official list of all the different YouTube creators who will be given access to the new multi-language dubbing tool. However, YouTube has stated that they’ve already tested the new tool with a handful of other creators, resulting in 3,500 multi-language videos being created quickly.