Trump Is Banned For Life From Twitter, Even If He Is President Again

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

Donald Trump

Trump has been out of office for a little less than a month now, but that doesn’t mean he’s been staying out of the news cycle. There’s still an impeachment trial to deal with that could have long-lasting ramifications for future political aspirations. But there’s one place that Trump won’t ever be able to return no matter what office he might one day hold. Twitter has announced the former President is banned for life from the social media platform. 

Twitter clarifying that Trump is banned from the platform even if he were to run for President again is likely just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on his ongoing status. It stands to reason there was never any plans to let him back on the no matter the circumstance. But setting the record straight early, even years in advance makes sense to get out ahead of it early. 

The rather official statement from Twitter came from CFO Ned Segal when he did an interview with CNBC. In referencing the platform’s choice to uphold lifetime bans for users when they violate the terms and conditions, the executive said, “The way our policies work: When you’re removed from the platform, you’re removed from the platform, whether you’re a commentator, a CFO or a current or former public official.”

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I’m sure this message will need to be conveyed again at some point considering Trump’s fame and stature among the political elite. But it also makes sense that Twitter wouldn’t want to reengage with him on their platform ever again going forward. Considering the consternation his account created within Twitter with their repeated labeling of his tweets as misinformation, I can’t imagine anyone at the company wants him coming back anytime soon. For them, this probably puts the matter to rest.

Trump has a long and complicated history with Twitter, using the social media platform to help ascend the political ranks and reach a large base in his campaign for the Presidency. And while in office, he continued to use Twitter as a messaging arm, often setting policy ideas or even political viewpoints through the use of the 280 characters. 

But things came to a head on January 8th when Twitter decided to ban Trump permanently from the platform. This came in the wake of the events on the Capitol during the Electoral College vote ratification that would make Joe Biden the next President of the United States. In their statement, Twitter said Trump violated their terms and conditions related to inciting violence. They offered numerous examples of Tweets that violated these terms and ultimately led to his ban. 

donald trump twitter

Whether Trump ever takes to another social media platform and achieves a similar type of following remains unclear. In the short term that hasn’t been the case and there might be limited opportunities considering the current hierarchy of the social media pyramid. Whatever form it takes though, it won’t be on Twitter because Trump’s days there are no more. It was quite a run that saw the highest of highs and now the lowest of lows.