See The Leaked Tesla Cybertruck Promotional Video

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

tesla cybertruck

Tesla fans and pickup truck aficionados have reason to be excited for what the electric car maker looks like it has in store. Elon Musk and company have been touting the Tesla Cybertruck for some time now, saying that they could have yet another industry disrupter on their hands when/if this bad boy finally hits the production line. After not hearing all that much about what’s happening with this truck for the better part of a year now, we are getting word that new prototypes could be coming sooner than later. And we also got a leaked promotional video for the Tesla Cycbertuck that has it not only out on the open road but ripping off-road as well. 

A couple of videos featuring the Tesla Cybertruck leaked this week, with one showing it tooling around a testing area. But the other was clearly a promotional material from the company featuring the futuristic-looking vehicle that appears to come right out of a science fiction movie. Not only does the new video show some of the production aspects for the Cybertruck, but it also shows it hurtling down the highway and also kicking up dirt as it rolls comfortably in an off-road setting. Check out some of what Tesla has in store with its Cybertruck. 

This video doesn’t go all that much into the features of the Tesla Cybertruck, instead playing up a little more on how it will operate out in a real-world setting. But it’s clear that this truck is unlike almost anything we have ever seen, and definitely unlike anything currently in mass production from major auto outlets. Its metallic and hard-edged design looks like it comes right out of Bladerunner (that’s on purpose) and could flip the truck industry over if it gets fully moving down the production line. Again, this is still very much in alpha mode for the company, testing different models and working toward a beta launch. 

The plan for the Tesla Cybertuck is to have a number of different features we aren’t often used to getting in your standard F150 or Tundra. For starters, the stainless steel design is touted as being bulletproof along with the windows, though those didn’t hold up all that well when Elon Musk was first showcasing a prototype for a larger crowd a couple of years ago. The bed will have a drop-down ramp to roll your Mad Max war vehicles on and the interior more resembles a video game driving experience than a “real truck”. 

Originally, the plan was to offer three different models of the Tesla Cybertruck ranging in price from about $40K to $70K. But the company has taken those prices off its website, for now, so the final cost is a little up in the air. You can put your name on the waiting list though with as little as a $100 refundable deposit. So if you are looking to get in line here, that’s one way to do it. 

And as far as that timeline goes, well it looks like we might get something within a year or so. The Tesla Cybertruck is reportedly going to be available for consumers sometime in late 2022. That timeline is, of course, subject to change. For now, just feast your eyes on the possibilities with this futuristic vehicle and hope we see it on the open road sooner than later.