Taco Bell Is Launching A Taco Subscription Service

By Erika Hanson | 3 weeks ago

taco bell

In easily the best news yet in 2022, Taco Bell just launched a subscription program that will let taco aficionados revel in all things cheesy. The program is simple: pay for the pass and get access to a secret menu that allows you to pick one of America’s most consumed taco chain’s staple items every day for an entire month. As reported by Tell Me Best, the program follows a pattern being implemented by numerous fast-food chains across the nation as they brace inflation and concerns over keeping customers coming back. 

The scrumptious pass officially launched today and can be purchased directly from Taco Bell’s mobile app. Complete with an ingenious name that Taco Bell’s marketing team surely took hours to devise, the Taco Lover’s Pass gives customers the opportunity to purchase the subscription in 30-day increments. This means that the subscription isn’t a traditional one, because it does not automatically renew. The details are simple: each day, you can pick a Taco off the menu to redeem for free. And pass holders won’t have to fret over eating the same corn tortilla every day. The menu offerings for the pass include your choice of plenty of Taco Bell’s favorite staples, such as the original crunchy taco, soft taco, potato taco, Doritos locos, as well as a supreme offering for each. 

taco bell

The program was originally tested in the fall of 2021. 17 Taco Bell locations in Tuscon, Arizona were the first to roll out the Taco Lovers Pass. While the company has made no comment on the matter, it’s evident the trial run must have proven successful. Similarly, Taco Bell is not the first fast-food chain to incorporate such a program. In 2020, Panera Bread launched their unlimited coffee subscription program. The $8.99 monthly pass gave patrons unlimited coffee’s from the beloved cafe in an effort to grow traffic. In tests, Panera found that the subscription service increased the frequency of customer visits by more than 200 percent. To further show the success of the project, reports showed that of those customers, nearly 70 percent of the visits for coffee included food items as well. 

As with nearly every business hit with problems brought on by the pandemic, Taco Bell has reported suffering losses over the past few years. In 2020, the Mexican fast-food chain reported losing critical breakfast and late-night sales. Their parent company, Yum Brands, stated that the chain’s US same-store sales had declined by high-single digits during the 2nd quarter of 2020. Generally, one of Yum Brands’ most successful chains, Taco Bell relaunched is making plans to bounce back from pandemic losses. In August, they relaunched their breakfast menu. Likewise, reports from the company’s latest quarter show the store boasted same-store sales growths of 5%. However, the increase was still less than what Wall Street expectations had hoped for. 

While Taco Bell and Yum Brands are surely hoping to see similar success with their subscription program as Panera did, coffee and tacos are completely different ball games, and it will be interesting to see if America’s love for tacos can prove successful to the business. Sure, it’s easy to assume we can all eat a taco every day, but how many people will legitimately drive to Taco Bell every day just for a taco? But even still, at less than half a dollar a day, we can easily see those late-night cravings winning out. And if the subscription ends up being a complete failure, it will surely be something memorable to “taco” bout.