See The Planned Nuclear-Powered Sky Hotel Plane That Never Needs To Land

By Matthew Creith | Published

sky hotel

As kids, it was easy to get lost in ideas of grandeur when it came to thinking about the future and what marvelous achievements might be in store for the world. Maybe the influence of films like Back to the Future and Star Wars or television series like Westworld seem to explore the groundbreaking achievements humans could embark on in the not-so-distant future. It appears that futuristic theory could soon become realistic probability as a sky hotel called the Sky Cruise has been introduced to a generation that might be willing to give it a spin.

As reported by The Byte, a CGI mock-up of the Sky Cruise has been released, equipped with a video reflecting the nuclear-powered sky hotel that floats high above the ground. The video posted to YouTube on June 23, 2022, demonstrates the features that could be possible with the Sky Cruise. The hotel includes a large enough space to house over 5,000 guests onboard a somewhat nonstop airline, fit with a host of luxury accommodations, high-end restaurants, a movie theater, several swimming pools, event venues, multiple gyms, and an area for medical and wellness services. The video has been seen by close to 1 million viewers this week, with over 1,300 comments.

According to The New York Post, the sky hotel is designed by Hashem Alghaili and promotes 20 electric engines. These engines are powered by a nuclear reactor and apparently would not need to be refueled, making it an attractive opportunity for guests who have no intention of ever setting foot back on land. To get to the Sky Cruise, patrons must fly commercially or via a private jet and board the cruise mid-air. Most repairs to the proposed floating hotel would also need to be done in the air, which seems like a scary proposition for some.

As spoken about in the CGI rendering of the sky hotel, the video’s narrator promotes the idea that the Sky Cruise is like boarding a commercial flight but with a luxurious atmosphere. Unfortunately, this may have turned off some of those who viewed the video, as many have commented about the Sky Cruise’s design flaws and that the nuclear fusion technology proposed in the video doesn’t seem to exist just yet. The problem for some also has to do with the fact that many people don’t enjoy airplane travel as it is, so an enhanced version of this where people are vacationing in the sky aboard a floating plane may not appeal to a wide variety of potential guests.

Still, the idea of a floating hotel that travels above different destinations like the Northern Lights and the Great Pyramids of Giza might be something to consider. With franchises like Star Trek and even Jules Verne’s epic Around the World in Eighty Days planting seeds in the subconscious of pop culture, it’s easy to understand why many people look to the skies for a way out. Possibly the answer is a technological advancement in nuclear-powered sky hotels that rise above the ground.