Self-Driving Tesla Takes Police On A High-Speed Chase

A Tesla was in self-driving mode and took police on a high-speed pursuit while the driver was completely asleep.

By Britta DeVore | Published


Although his creation of the electric car company Tesla put him on the map, CEO Elon Musk has been making headlines lately because of his controversial takeover of the social media platform, Twitter. But it would seem as though the tides are changing once again as over the last few weeks, as his futuristic automobiles have been back in the news with the latest terrifying tale coming from Germany. As reported by The Byte, a Tesla on Autopilot took police officers on a high-speed chase after its driver passed out behind the wheel, zooming down the Autobahn with speeds around 70 mph. 

Bavarian police reported that they attempted to pull the Tesla over after noticing that its driver was fully relaxed in his seat, with his eyes closed, and hands off the steering wheel. What followed was a chase that frustrated officers as they were unable to control the car safely off the busy highway. The event would result in the German driver losing his license, teaching him a lesson that he’ll never forget. 

While the Autopilot feature on the vehicles may be as impressive as it gets, allowing drivers to give full control to the car, it wasn’t intended for operators to completely pass out while behind the wheel. Although the Tesla vehicles are full of exciting new features that are intended to make travel safer for their users, all the bugs haven’t been worked out yet, something we’re seeing time and time again. Though it may seem like an all-knowing piece of auto technology, Tesla still has some catching up to do when it comes to real-life use. 


With CEO Elon Musk moving on to bigger and better things, like the nightmare-inducing Tesla Bot, it seems certain testing and production concerns may be falling by the wayside when it comes to the entrepreneur’s line of sleek and expensive autos. Along with creating some of the most sought-after artificial intelligence-based products around, Elon Musk has moved on to take over the world of social media. The controversial entrepreneur bought the platform, much to the dismay of users everywhere, and has turned it into a chaotic, but entertaining, piece of almost daily news.

From feuds with celebrities to pushback after laying off countless employees, the Tesla CEO has really left his mark on the Twitter-verse. While he’s known for his rather argumentative and antagonistic nature, it seems as though even Elon Musk has met his match when it comes to the public’s general disdain for his changes to the social media platform. After a poll that he shared ended in a vote for his exit as Twitter head, Musk has said that he would step down from his position as soon as he’s able to find a suitable person to take his place. 

Perhaps Elon Musk’s time away from Twitter will send him back to the Tesla drawing board for much talked about and debated features like Autopilot. But, it’s our guess that the ever-busy CEO and businessman will pick up something else to spend his time on, surely making headlines every step of the way.