See A Carnival Ride Break Mid-Air, Sending Riders Crashing Into Metal Pole

A slingshot carnival ride accident happened at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland theme park , sending its riders slamming into a metal pole.

By James Brizuela | Updated

carnival ride accident

If you have ever been driving around and caught a carnival being set up at your local abandoned lot, or possibly in the parking area of a shopping center, you may want to stay away from it. Riders got aboard a slingshot carnival ride that immediately broke in a freak accident, sending the likely terrified patrons into a metal pole. We would imagine that being on the ride might have made one feel as if slamming into the pole was part of the experience, but it was surely not.

In the video above, you can see the riders aboard the carnival ride, right before the accident takes place. The person recording the video watches in horror, as the line on the ride snaps, sending the riders slamming into the metal pole that is supposed to hold the pod up. The person recording yells, “Holy s***” and “I f****** knew it” indicating that they had a hunch that the ride was going to malfunction.

The two riders involved in the carnival ride accident had been stuck in the ride pod and were screaming, while workers at the park attempted to reset the ride. However, it began to further pull the two boys into the air. Security then rushed to the area and told the people filming that they needed to stop doing so immediately.

The two boys were escorted off the carnival ride and had sustained no injuries from the accident, despite the mental anguish they are likely to endure from the freak occurrence. Both the MET police and the London Fire Brigade arrived on the scene, but the boys had already been safely placed back on the ground and removed from the faulty ride before the proper authorities could get involved.

bungee carnival ride

The carnival ride accident took place at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland theme park in London, England. Although we previously commented on the jankier carnivals, this was certainly not that, as it is a full-fledged theme park. The on-site industry’s own regulatory safety scheme at the theme park indicated that the ride malfunctioned because of a faulty gearbox.

Both the Health and Safety Executive and Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme organizations were informed of the carnival ride accident, and the ADIP confirmed that the cord on the gondola where the riders had been sitting had not snapped. Further investigation determined that a sealed gearbox experienced a technical issue, which led to the release of the bungee cord and steel rope that were holding the gondola in place.

Although this carnival ride accident is something that does not happen often, it is a reminder that we all take our own risks with our lives when we decided to get aboard these mechanical contraptions. Even though computers and machines are not meant to break down or cause any issues, errors do happen, which could lead to severe injury or death. We would imagine that the boys are going to think twice before the next time they get on a carnival or theme park ride.