See The Terrifying Robot Goat In Action

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 2 months ago

robot goat

When humans believe we have reached the top tiers of technology, a new thing is suddenly thrown into the mix. Just when we thought electric cars and iPhones were amazing, we need to think again. Kawasaki, an aerospace company, has just revealed their newest piece of technology. And it’s not a flying car or superhuman iPhone. This new invention is a robot goat and is meant to be able to help humans in many ways. Let’s take a closer look at the amazing robot goat and the origins of its creation. 

Kawasaki is known for its automotive inventions like ships, and of course, its popular motorcycles. But since the company knows how to create technology with mobility, it makes sense that a robot would be on the list of inventions. The robot goat made its grand debut at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, according to Futurism. The idea for the robot goat stemmed from a real ibex goat species, according to the publication. Due to the robot goat being modeled after the ibex, the robot has been given the special nickname, Bex. It definitely seems like a cute little name for a friendly robot goat. See the video of Bex below:

According to Cycle World, the robot goat is part of Kawasaki’s humanoid program that it’s currently running. The company collaborated with the University of Tokyo to create the ibex robot. And the outcome of the project is definitely one of a kind. At the exhibition in Tokyo, Bex was shown to a large number of onlookers. The robot is white in color and can raise and lower itself into a sitting position. The robot goat was shown walking on its own, and to make Bex even more fun, humans can sit on the robot as it moves around. The rider is able to control the robot goat with handlebars near the head. According to Electrek, the robot can hold almost a total of 220 pounds, which is quite a lot. 

Although the robot goat hasn’t officially finished its full development stages, the goal is for the robot to be able to carry not only passengers but also cargo in places such as factories, according to Insider. Kawasaki also showcased a humanoid robot at the exhibition. The company is definitely reaching new lengths to develop a very interesting future with robotics. Kawasaki has created a number of products, such as their well-known motorcycles which are a best seller not just in Japan, but around the globe. The company is working hard not only to add robots in the future, but also electric motorcycles. In this day and age, electric cars are a huge part of helping the planet, so adding electric motorcycles is also a great addition. 

Bex, the robot goat, caught a lot of attention upon its reveal. Not only did those attending the event find the robot goat unique, but social media and the internet also went into a small frenzy of interest. Bex will be a good assistant for locations like warehouses, especially when carrying heavy items that the common person could not carry on their own. We better make way for the future because there will not only be humanoid robots like we have seen in the movies, but also helpful robot goats.