A Real Lightsaber Now Exists, Watch It In Action

The closest thing we’ve seen to a real working lightsaber now exists in the world, and it’s just as impressive and powerful as you’d imagine.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

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Star Wars fans have wanted a working lightsaber since the series debuted in 1977, but considering that that would be extremely unsafe and since these are weapons of science fiction, there have only been impressive facsimiles so far. Anyone can pick up a plastic version at the store, or have their own specialty lightsaber made at a Disney park. But how many of those burn at 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit and can melt through doors? Now, the closest thing we’ve seen to a real working lightsaber exists, and it’s just as impressive as you’d imagine.

The YouTube channel The Hacksmith has made all sorts of pop culture items a reality, like Batman’s grappling hook gun, and Captain America’s electromagnet shield. But now, The Hacksmith has made what they claim is “the world’s first retractable plasma-based lightsaber.” 

Their first video shows the intricate process of making such a weapon takes, from the extremely detailed hilt to the circuit board that would make science fiction become a reality. This lightsaber can raise and lower the flame, and using various chemicals, can even change the color of the lightsaber. 

In their second video, The Hacksmith shows off just how powerful this 4,000-degree lightsaber is. The first example naturally shows the lightsaber cutting through a Stormtrooper outfit, thankfully with no one inside. The video continues to show that their lightsaber can also cut through walls and various metals. 

In other tests, the weapon can be seen cutting through meat, which actually looks to cook the meat as it cuts it. In another example of the lightsaber’s power, the 4,000-degree lightsaber melts a plastic Mace Windu lightsaber like it’s nothing, even though the toy’s light still remains on while being cut in half. The video even ends with the group going at a car with the lightsaber.

At one point, this group of engineers even sees if the lightsaber could theoretically cut through Captain America’s vibranium shield. While it takes more effort to do so, the lightsaber goes right through Cap’s shield. In yet another test, the group tries to recreate the moment from The Phantom Menace when Qui-Gon Jinn cuts through a blast shield door by attempting to cut through a quarter-inch steel plate. While it takes a little longer than it did for the Jedi to cut his way through, the powerful real-world lightsaber actually does cut through the steel plate.

While the lightsabers in the Star Wars film function on their own, The Hacksmith’s version still needs an energy source but also works using a combination of propane and oxygen. The lightsaber is connected to a backpack energy source and is sometimes connected to tanks of extra fuel. Even though the video hints that the beam is made with items that can be found around the home, it’s probably a bad idea to try cutting through walls with your own homemade, propane-powered weapon.

Thankfully, such powerful lightsabers aren’t readily available in the world, but The Hacksmith has shown us that at least a very close recreation of them can exist in the real world. 

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