A New Company From OpenAI Is Raising Money To Scan Every Human Eyeball

Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI, wants to launch a cryptocurrency by scanning every person's eyeballs.

By Chad Langen | Updated

Retinal scanner in The Andromeda Strain

Sam Altman, the celebrated CEO of OpenAI, is reportedly engaging in advanced negotiations to secure a staggering $100 million for a venture that’s as intriguing as it is enigmatic: Worldcoin. According to Futurism, this cryptocurrency project, shrouded in ambiguity, purports to involve scanning people’s eyes and distributing a certain amount of cryptocurrency to them. It’s an audacious move for Altman, who has been instrumental in establishing OpenAI as a leading entity in the field of artificial intelligence.

Worldcoin, despite its currently nebulous nature, has already sparked considerable conversation in the technology and cryptocurrency communities. At the core of Worldcoin’s mission is the creation of an inclusive, global financial system that aims to distribute Worldcoin’s cryptocurrency to every individual globally, utilizing a method that involves eye scanning to generate a unique identifier for each person. Altman’s interest in such a project is reflective of the visionary thinking that has characterized his tenure at OpenAI.

Altman’s successful track record at OpenAI, a non-profit artificial intelligence research laboratory, showcases his ability to anticipate and invest in groundbreaking technologies, yet the details surrounding Worldcoin remain elusive. The potential privacy and data security implications of eye scanning for identification raise notable apprehensions, and the global distribution of cryptocurrency to every individual presents formidable logistical challenges. Nonetheless, considering Altman’s history of innovative ventures at OpenAI, it is plausible that he envisions a transformative potential in Worldcoin that others might not fully grasp.

The retinal scanner used in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Despite the substantial interest in Worldcoin, several lingering questions persist: Will it become a significant force in cryptocurrency, or is it merely a well-funded conjecture? Detractors argue that the eye-scanning approach is merely a gimmick and the notion of global cryptocurrency distribution is unrealistic. Nevertheless, given Altman’s track record of propelling OpenAI to the vanguard of AI technology, it is conceivable that he discerns a compelling aspect in Worldcoin that resonates with his inclination for high-risk, high-reward endeavors.

The scale of Altman’s investment represents a significant commitment, as $100 million is a substantial sum, even for a prominent figure in the tech industry like him. This level of financial support indicates a profound belief in the potential of Worldcoin, possibly inspiring other investors to take notice. Similar to OpenAI’s early days as a daring venture, Worldcoin may embody the dawn of groundbreaking technology, poised to disrupt established norms and forge a new frontier.

However, it’s important to temper enthusiasm with realism. The journey from a promising idea to a successful product is often longer and more challenging than anticipated. Worldcoin, much like OpenAI in its early days, will face numerous practical and regulatory hurdles. Even with Altman’s backing, Worldcoin’s success is not guaranteed.

The future remains uncertain, and only time will tell whether Worldcoin can deliver on its ambitious promises. Nevertheless, Sam Altman’s remarkable leadership at OpenAI has demonstrated that venturing into the unknown can yield revolutionary breakthroughs. As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves, we’re eager to see whether Worldcoin will carve its path as a resounding success or provide invaluable lessons for the industry to heed.