Lyft Encouraging Their Drivers To Go Work For This Other Company Instead

By Rick Gonzales | 1 year ago


With nightlife and travel in general pretty much non-existent across the U.S., companies such as Uber and Lyft have seen their services, and therefore their drivers, become unnecessary. But that doesn’t mean they still can’t be used. In fact, Lyft has come up with a partial solution.

Recently, Lyft announced that it will expand its business (what little it had left at the moment) to include delivering food and medical supplies. With stay-in-home or shelter-in-place orders appearing rapid-fire across the country, many grocery stores or other delivery services are finding it difficult at best to keep up with the demand as people are trying to avoid going into the stores, instead ordering in bulk online.

Lyft announced, per their website, exactly what it is they plan to do in order to help, “We know Lyft can be a critical lifeline for communities in need — this situation is no different. Right now, Lyft drivers are playing a vital role connecting people with essential services and goods — getting riders to grocery stores and pharmacies, doctors and nurses to work, and caretakers to family members in need.”

Lyft also addressed the concern of their drivers. “All riders and drivers are asked to stay home if they are sick and should work with a medical professional to discuss transportation options if they need to see a doctor. Per the CDC, anyone who suspects they may have or is diagnosed with COVID-19 should not use ridesharing.” And finally, they covered public concern with social distancing, “Our healthcare team is working with government agencies and other businesses to identify individuals in need. To protect drivers and those receiving the deliveries, these drop-offs will be contactless.”

Lyft Encouraging Drivers To Work For Amazon


Not only has Lyft begun to expand its business by delivering food and medical supplies, but they are also now encouraging their drivers to offer their services to Amazon. Drivers would handle deliveries, or they would pick up orders at one of Amazon’s many warehouses. This partnership between the two would mean a driver can start within seven days of applying. They do not need to give a résumé nor would they need any previous work experience. If you can drive, you can drive. The pay when you become a driver starts at $17 an hour and through April you would receive an extra $2 an hour. Lyft told their drivers about this partnership in an email they sent out within the past few days.

With the U.S. at a virtual standstill, this move from Lyft will help many of its estimated 1.4 million drivers while also extending help to those unable to get out or who don’t wish to expose themselves to the possibility of contracting COVID-19. As we move further into this pandemic, services such as what Amazon and other grocery stores provide are going to be key in keeping the public fed and healthy. Drivers are going to be necessary. Stay safe.