Lamborghini Is Making An Electric Supercar

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago


Gas-powered cars are going the way of the dinosaur and it doesn’t seem like it will be all that long until everything we see on the road will be fully electric. What started with just some smaller manufacturing arms of automakers has now fully entered the sports car world with Lamborghini setting out to unveil its contribution to the EV market. According to The Verge, Lamborghini is set to have its first all-electric supercar hitting the road sometime around 2025. Now billionaires like Bruce Wayne will know their sports car of choice is also good for the environment. 

Lamborghini converting to all-electric cars isn’t going to happen right away, it will take place in phases of production for the company over the next few years. The first part of the plan is to offer hybrid models which will comprise the entirety of their manufacturing line by the end of 2024. Then, in 2025, will be when the “real thing” finally hits the market devoid of any gas use and able to enter any 1980s movie with an evil rich kid as the primary antagonist. Splendid, and very green times we live in. 

It’s not an accident that Lamborghini is trailing the market when it comes to offering electric vehicles. They’ve admittedly been hesitant to get into this space because of the fear of possibly alienating their core market of buyers who might not have gas prices and carbon footprints at the forefront of their checklist when it comes to auto-purchasing. Lamborghini buyers likely crave speed and the overall driving experience of the car rather than fretting about paying at the pump. That’s fine, but with other automakers making the decided shift away from gas guzzling cars, the company has decided to follow suit. 


The move for Lamborghini to enter the electric car market isn’t going to be cheap. The investment to roll out their reported plan is going to cost the company somewhere in the $1.8 billion range with the need to overhaul nearly every part of their manufacturing process. 

If Lamborghini felt significant industry pressure, it likely wasn’t from the Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf. Those aren’t likely to have piqued the Italian company’s wealthy interest. Sure, Tesla entering the market with a very cool, mostly affordable but very hip new version of the car definitely was felt by the entire industry. But Lambo guys likely really started feeling the road heat when Ferrari announced they were getting in the electric game back in the fall. That had to send a shiver up the proverbial crank case. 

Do most car owners need to spend much time sweating out the Lamborghini plans for an electric car? Not really. The starting price for their base level sports car is somewhere in the $200,000 range so most people are priced out of ever having to think about it anyway. But considering this is the way of the future, even the most expensive vehicles are getting the full workover into an environmental age. The sports cars included.