Kanye West Announces He’s Making A Car Made Out Of Foam

By Matthew Creith | Published

kanye west

Like Elon Musk, Kanye West never seems to cease being out of the spotlight when it comes to business deals and bombastic personalities. An attention grabber by nature, West’s music, and personal life have mixed to form quite the spectacle in recent years, derived from his recent divorce from Kim Kardashian and the release of his highly anticipated album, Donda 2. While Musk’s endeavors have taken him to new heights within the electric vehicle industry and launched his intentions into the future with SpaceX, West has set his sights on more practical enterprises. The rapper, who prefers to go by the name of Ye, just might be likening himself more and more these days to Musk’s entrepreneur style as Kanye West is getting into the car business…the foam car business, that is.

According to a report by Auto Evolution, Kanye West has announced that he is expanding his business venture, Donda, by adding a foam car element into the mix. Under the entity of Donda Industrial Design, West has appointed Steven Smith as the head designer for the project. Smith worked with West as the architect of his Adidas shoe line, and he seems to be a trusted collaborator and advisor of the rapper for years. He also has decades of experience working in the shoe industry, but this will be the first time he enters the world of automobiles. Word has now spread on social media about the announcement of Smith’s new role, which has sparked interest in West’s new business aspirations. Photos of the foam car have been released, along with Smith’s announcement as Head of Donda Industrial Design.

The Donda Foam Vehicle by Kanye West is an image of a foam car specifically conceptualized to demonstrate the thinking behind a man who has launched several different business ideas just in the last few years. These ventures have included everything from footwear and clothing to music streaming services, political campaigns, and record labels. According to Complex, there may be plans to add various products to Donda Industrial Design’s platform, where consumers might have the option to purchase Kanye West-inspired furniture, other vehicles, and more. It’s not known at this time if those other products may be foam related.

For Kanye West’s foam car to get off the ground, it would need to be functional and obviously drivable. The pictures released so far suggest that the vehicle will have a drivetrain and wheels, but they look open to negative reviews, similar to some of West’s other ideas in the past. In their commentary about the images of the foam car, Motor1 reports that the teaser announcement for the vehicle contains wheels that can be compared to that of the Michelin Uptis airless tires, at least in the look of the mockup. This foam vehicle comes after West attempted to sell a sports shoe line made primarily of algae foam.