See The Horrifying Robot That Makes Creepy Human Faces

A company has been developing a new humanoid robot that can mimic human beings. This robot is so accurate that it can now make some creepy human facial expressions.

By James Brizuela | Published


Artificial intelligence seems to be the wave of the future. However, it may not be a future that most people want to live in. Robotics and A.I. are beginning to take shape in a way that no one thought possible. Scientists are creating humanoid-looking robots that can have full-fledged conversations, can express emotions, and now one that makes some convincing creepy human faces. Engineered Robotics in the UK has further upgraded its Ameca humanoid to include some accurate facial expressions that might signify the rise of the machines. These new facial expressions were shared with the world in the company’s new video. You can see the video below:

The Ameca humanoid is creepily human in the above video. Engineered Arts has stated that their new humanoid robot has 12 new actuators, meaning that it can finally use all the expressive capabilities. We are not sure how many expressions humans have, but the Ameca robot shows off some impressive and haunting facial expressions. The video goes through the humanoid being shocked, laughing, winking, and even becoming angry towards the end of the above video. Isn’t the point of most A.I. science fiction stories that the rise of the machines would include robots being able to mimic humans in every way? Apparently, these scientists have not kept up on the Terminator franchise.

Engineered Arts showed off their new Ameca humanoid robot at CES in Las Vegas, which is one of the biggest technology trade shows in the world. The company is starting to gain some huge notoriety with their “most advanced human-shaped robot.” Director of operations for Engineered Arts, Morgan Roe, even compared making this robot to seeing films like A.I.: Artificial Intelligence and I, Robot. We understand the correlation that Roe is attempting to make, but let’s not compare this robot to those in I, Robot. That might send out the wrong idea. Those robots did try and kill everyone after they had been controlled by a hive mind. Still, this Ameca humanoid is quite impressive. Creepy, but impressive.

Roe has also stated that Ameca is planning to use its robots for the service industry and will not aim to mingle with humans for another 10 to 20 years. While we have seen instances of robots helping humanity in movies, they have also hunted humans as well. The purpose of making a robot mimic a human is still quite odd to us. Are these facial expressions meant to make humans worry less? We would surely freak out if a robot was running at us with any sort of facial expression.

Despite the unnatural fear of the machine takeover, Ameca is impressively creating something that the world has never seen before. We are not sure about what level of service these humanoid cyborgs will be involved in, but it is a bit fascinating to see a robot be able to make so many facial expressions. Imagine a robot running over a food order to you, now that would be impressive. We have to wait and see where the advancements of A.I. and robotics go from here, but whoever makes these robots needs to remember to install a failsafe in case these machines become self-aware.