See A Food Delivery Robot Barrel Through A Police Crime Scene

A food delivery robot goes directly through a police crime scene in this video.

By Britta DeVore | Published

In this video, we see a food delivery robot completely ignore a crime scene. We think everyone would agree that it’s been a weird few years. After the world got turned upside down with the COVID-19 pandemic, things have just not been the same. And with the world of AI quickly picking up pace – from snakes with robot legs to dead spiders being turned into necrobots, and even robot space surgeons – the planet is on track to becoming stranger than ever. And now, a food delivery robot is causing a shakeup in Los Angeles. 

Today in the world of robot news, it was revealed that a food delivery robot would stop at nothing to drop off its goods to the customer, even if that meant interrupting a closed-off, police-covered crime scene. After all, the customer is king! In a video shared to Twitter, which you can see above, the lil dude cruises, albeit very slowly, through the taped-off investigation. 

Initially moving at a snail’s pace, the food delivery robot can be seen rolling down the sidewalk, past an In-N-Out Burger before arriving at the closed-off crosswalk area where the police are investigating a crime. Stopping right alongside humans who have gathered to gawk at the proceedings, the machine pauses for a moment as if it’s wondering if continuing on in its journey is the right thing to do. Moving forward, its antennae come in contact with the “do not cross” tape, only to be helped by a good samaritan eagerly lifting the yellow plastic up allowing the robot to continue on its journey.

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After safely making it across the crosswalk (phew!) the food delivery robot stops and seems to take in the gathering of police officers who in return look back at the peculiar little piece of machinery. From there, they clear the way, moving off the sidewalk with some continuing to watch the delivery star make the trip to its final destination. And then, it’s back to business as one officer can be seen securing the “do not cross” tape around a traffic light post. 

While we’re happy to see the world moving forward technologically, the food delivery robot is making us wonder how far is too far. Sure, this robot seems friendly and sweet, although it may be taking jobs from other delivery drivers of the human variety, but we’ve seen some pretty freaky-deaky things coming out of the new AI front. And, if you thought we were out of examples after naming the robot-legged snake, dead spider robot, and robot surgeons (which are actually pretty cool), you’re in for a rude awakening.

Duking it out for the title of weirdest robot creations, we here at GFR are sure to keep you entertained and worried with the slew of content we’ve covered over the past months – and even years. On the upsetting robot bingo card, we have robots that are able to make strange human expressions, robotaxis with minds of their own, and – oh yeah – a Russian robot absolutely decimating a child’s finger during a chess match. While the food delivery robot looks harmless enough, you may not want to get in its way or maybe you’ll be a part of the next crime scene.