Elon Musk Reveals When Humans Will Land On Mars

By Dan Lawrence | 2 months ago

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is never afraid to make a bold statement. His latest is on a subject he is of course well-versed in, space. As reported by Digital Trends, SpaceX founder has had his say on when Humans will first land on Mars. If he is to be believed, Humankind will be exploring a new frontier sooner than you think.

Responding to a Tweet that posed the question to Musk, what year will humans land on Mars? Elon Musk responded to the tweet with a bold prediction, 2029. While this may come as a welcome relief to those fed up with life on mother earth, its best to take this prediction with a pinch of salt.

Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX for short, was founded in 2002. Since then Musk’s Space endeavours have seen him become a major player for Nasa. In April 2021, SpaceX won an elusive Nasa contract to put Astronauts back on the moon. In 2010, SpaceX made big waves when it launched a payload into orbit and returned it to Earth intact. This was a first for a private company and had only been achieved by the likes of Nasa previously. In 2015, SpaceX also managed to launch their Falcon 9 rocket and successfully have the first stage of the rocket land itself upright. SpaceX’s Dragon rocket is the only privately owned craft to transport humans to the international space station. However, for all these wonderful endeavours, Elon Musk’s last prediction of when humans will land on Mars came last year, when he stated our landing date would be within five years.

Now though, Elon Musk has added three years to that plan. Why the change in the timeline? Is this merely a guessing game by Musk, a Twitter off the cuff remark? Or is Musk being more definitive because he knows something we don’t? Elon Musk’s SpaceX program has made no secret of their intent to take HumanKind to Mars. Head on over to the SpaceX website and one can read all about theories surrounding making Mars hospitable, and how humans and cargo will be able to travel there and back via the Starship rocket, which has recently begun testing.

However, before you pack your bags for a new life on Mars, there has been some recent issues for Elon Musk and his space-based efforts. As recently a number of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites have crashed out of orbit. This goes to show how volatile the big abyss beyond our Earth’s lovely Blue Sky can be. Another thing worth noting is that Elon Musk does have a tendency for theatrics. For example, the tech-giant recently challenged Vladimir Putin to physical combat to settle the fate of Ukraine. A remark that seems to be slightly out of touch and perhaps not the best solution to solve a very real-world problem at play. So, whilst it may be exciting to think Humans could land on Mars by the end of the decade, it may not be best to heed the advice of a man challenging politicians to fist-fights.