Black Wolf Is Uber But The Drivers Have Guns

Black Wolf is a new Atlanta-based ride-sharing app that offers trained, armed drivers.

By Phillip Moyer | Published

Have you ever taken an Uber or Lyft, but were sad to discover that your driver was not, in fact, armed with a gun? The new startup Black Wolf may be the answer to your prayers. Business News reports that, with the new ridesharing app, you can rest assured that the perfect stranger who picks you up will be packing heat. 

Black Wolf founder Kerry King Brown is promoting his new ride-sharing app, which launched in Atlanta, as an “executive security” service. He says that Black Wolf drivers all pass a background check and are trained to diffuse situations. He has clarified that, although his drivers are armed, they’re trained to avoid getting into a fight unless absolutely necessary.

While Brown hasn’t clarified what training Black Wolf drivers are required to have, he has stated in an interview that they all have experience in the military, law enforcement, or private security. Passengers also have the option to ask the driver to stay with them after they arrive at their destination.

Brown says that he is an experienced security guard who has worked with politicians and celebrities. On his LinkedIn page, he claims to have worked with Nikki MinajCardi B, and Ariana Grande. He also claims to have been a “professional athlete,” though he neglects to say for which team — or even which sport he supposedly played.

Brown’s biography on the official Black Wolf site also claims that he has “been around and worked with” Donald Trump, Majorie Greene Taylor, Will Smith, Mark Meadows, and many more high-profile figures. On the biography page, brown has plenty of photos of himself suited up for the job, but none with any of the long list of celebrities he supposedly worked with.

On the official Black Wolf site, Brown says he conceived of the idea while “serving as an Executive Protection Driver for a U.S. Congress Member.” The site stated that Brown wanted to make similar levels of protection available to everyone at an affordable price.

Brown says that Black Wolf’s service is a “necessary evil” that is designed to protect the average person from harm. However, that protection comes at a premium price. The cost of hiring an armed driver starts at $60, with riders having to pay an additional $1.75 a mile.

For those who don’t feel the need for an armed driver, Black Wolf offers an unarmed option. However, the price of an unarmed driver is not much cheaper — the base price starts at $50, with the cost per mile remaining roughly the same.

Black Wolf also offers Armored Vehicle Transportation, which lets you ride in an armored GMC Yukon Denali. There are also options to pay for “Close Protection” and “Ride as a VIP,” though the site offers little clarity about what those services entail.

Brown has stated that he wants to expand Black Wolf’s service to New York, though the state’s strict gun laws make it difficult to do so. Currently, the service is only available in Atlanta. Even so, almost 80,000 people have already downloaded the app.