There’s Now An AI Company That Performs Seances For Dead People

A company named Seance AI has developed a service using artificial intelligence to simulate communication with the deceased.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

AI seance

Sure, artificial intelligence is blowing our minds on a daily basis by becoming lawyers and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through programs like ChatGPT, but recently it’s delved into a darker place. According to Futurism, a company called Seance AI is doing just that – using AI to bring users their loved ones back via a seance-centered experience. Harnessing the power of technology, the lab called AE Studio will give those dealing with crushing grief a space for closure through a psychic.

Instead of seeking to fully bring your loved one back to life, the AI-helmed seance will see a connection between the mourner and a digital psychic who will briefly communicate with the deceased. Essentially it’s an online Ouija board that will help those who want to get their last words across to the afterlife. But, if you were hoping for a heartfelt connection, this isn’t the right place.

According to the AI seance’s creator and designer, Jarren Rocks, the simulation won’t be a real thing, but will instead be engineered by the program. But, while you won’t be directly in contact with the deceased, Rocks still believes that this short conversation will help those seeking one final interaction. As he says, a lot of friends and family members don’t get that final goodbye as, in many cases, death comes out of nowhere in the form of accidents and sped-up illnesses.

While other offshoots of AI technology promise to give patrons something that they can hold onto in the absence of their loved ones, Rocks says that the seance won’t be designed as a long-term problem solver. Instead, like an Ouija board, it will provide contact that will in turn help move the living through their grief process. Rocks also says that it won’t be a drawn-out interaction as the product was designed with brevity in mind. 

To dive in and use the AI program for a seance of your own, you’ll be asked a handful of questions like the person’s name and their relation to you, how they died, and a few other quandaries that will help fill out the responses. From there, you’ll be given the chance to talk to the dead – but keep in mind that you won’t really be contacting your family member but instead a digital version of them that Rocks admits can become repetitive with the flow of its speech. Futurism’s report said that their interaction with the artificial intelligence was around 80 percent on point for their deceased loved one but also agreed that the conversation quickly became stale.


From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Supernatural and Beetlejuice, many Hollywood productions have touched on the very human desire to contact the dead. Time and time again, we’re told not to rock the boat and keep the mysterious haze of the afterlife separate from the world we live in but again and again, our curiosity gets in the way and leads us to seek out what we don’t understand. With the latest breakthrough in AI technology allowing humans to reach out to a digital version of their deceased loved ones by way of a seance, only time will tell if this will aid or hinder the grieving process.