First Look At Zombies From Marc Forster’s World War Z

By Will LeBlanc | Published

In the sci-fi/horror community, no baddies are as widely used as zombies. Sure we’re seeing all kinds of vampires and werewolves these days, but zombies are never sparkly namby-pambys stuck in a boring love triangle. Zombies have one goal and one goal alone, and that is to eat you–effectively making you into one of them if they leave enough of you behind.

The highly publicized adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel World War Z is gaining steam as production is kicking into gear in Glasgow, Scotland, and an AICN reader has supplied them with a few behind the scenes images of, well, something. The pictures show off some mannequin-esque figures that look like they will be used to fill the background with dead, diseased bodies. I hesitate to say that this is what the zombies will look like, but here’s a quick look.

These images aren’t super impressive–they aren’t covered in blood and gore like you might expect–but they obviously aren’t the actors that will be playing the active zombies on screen. Expect much more “standard” zombie images to emerge in the not too distant future.

Behind the helm for World War Z is Marc Forster, whose next outing Machine Gun Preacher will be the stepping stone between Z and his go at the Bond franchise, Quantum of Solace. Being that the film is an amalgamation of vignettes told by veterans of the Z War, actors are constantly being added. Most recently Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston joined up alongside AMC coworker Mireille Enos, currently starring in The Killing. They join the film’s star Brad Pitt who will play the interviewer, who in the the novel is Brooks himself, though changed for the film.

Z is set to infect theaters around Christmas of 2012 so we’ve got plenty of time to kill before it arrives. But until then, expect a steady steam of images to start flowing is as production kicks into high gear.